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Writers, get that book out of your head and onto the page

Olman J
Olman J

November 13, 2016

Use this goal-focused platform to finish your writing project

"I've finally finished writing my book!" - probably something you've been dying to say for years.

But, life, your "real" job, kids, and eating tacos has gotten in the way. So, you've never quite been able to finish.

Don't get me wrong, you've tried. Heck, you've set aside time and even an entire room in your house for writing.

However, as soon as your fingers get close to the keyboard, you're smacked with writer's block and have no idea what step to take next.

Well, Sumo-lings, that ends today!

Meet TheRightMargin.

Lifetime Access to The Right Margin Austen Plan

TheRightMargin is a smart web-based writing tool that will help you set, and ultimately achieve, all of your writing goals!

Founder of TheRightMargin, Shivani Bhargava, is on a mission.

That mission?

To change the mindset of writers to a more goal-focused one. With this, writers will be able to overcome the many challenges they face.

After all, writing becomes exponentially easier when the writer sets goals.

"So, how exactly does TheRightMargin work and how will it help me kick ass?"

To start, the whole premise of TheRightMargin is to help you finish your writing by setting 'smart' goals.

Lifetime Access to The Right Margin Austen Plan

TheRightMargin helps you plan out the step-by-step process for any writing project. We are talking everything broken down into small achievable goals.

Next, it offers a beautiful writing space with a timeline of your goals right next to it.

Lifetime Access to The Right Margin Austen Plan

(When your goals are right there staring you in the face, it is hard to not accomplish them!)

But hey, we are all human, and sometimes we need that extra push.

Luckily for us, TheRightMargin has a team of motivators determined to keep us on track. (And they are much nicer than that big, muscle man I pay $50/hour to scream at me while I workout.)

Ordinarily, the folks over at TheRightMargin charge an annual fee of $72. (Writing a book can take about a year so that's not bad at all!)

But, last week, Shivani challenged me to a taco eating contest.

And, it did not end well for Shiv (we're close like that now).

Because of this, Shiv agreed to take care of you Sumo-lings with lifetime access to TheRightMargin for only $25!

Just think about how many books, blogs, and business plans you can write!

But, just like Shiv in the taco eating contest, this deal won't last long.

Click here to get lifetime access now!

Lifetime Access to The Right Margin Austen Plan

(Work on more than one project at once if you're an overzealous Sumo-ling!)

Here are a few benefits that distance TheRightMargin from the rest:

  • Cloud-based. (Don't worry about having to carry around a flash drive or not being able to work when you're not at home. You'll have access anywhere you go!)

  • Smart keyword recognition that gives you guidance based on the goals and tasks you are working on. Yeah, it actually listens and provides useful feedback. (That's more than my ex can say. Sorry, Sarah.)

  • Those motivators we mentioned earlier? Well, TheRightMargin has the largest writer Slack community!

Lifetime Access to The Right Margin Austen Plan

(Useful smart tips in action!)

Stop struggling to finish your book or blog post.

Let TheRightMargin help you.

But, don't be too slow to purchase.

Shiv will not keep this $25 lifetime deal going forever.

She's nice, not crazy.

We know you have at least one great book in you. Let's get it done!

Finish your book now with TheRightMargin!

PS - Doing NaNoWriMo? Give TheRightMargin's NaNoWriMo 'smart novel project' a try!

$25  $500

Starts In

Lifetime Access to The Right Margin

  • Lifetime access to TheRightMargin
  • Access to beautiful writing space alongside a visual timeline of your writing milestones
  • Personalized tasks that give you "smart" guidance through the writing process
  • Personalized engagement and community access through Slack
  • New users only
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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