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Action Class 4: Dmitry Dragilev teaches Boosting Traffic and Conversions for Startups!

Dmitry Dragilev of ZURB

About Dmitry

Dmitry is the Lead Marketer as ZURB - a close-knit team of interaction designers and strategists that help companies design better products & services through consulting, products, education, books, training and events. Since 1998, ZURB has helped over 100 clients grow their businesses, including: Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, Britney Spears, NYSE, Zazzle, Playlist, and many more.

ZURB also has created a number of web apps to help people create better websites:

  • Notable is an easy way to help teams give feedback on design, content and code from inside the browser.
  • Verify helps you collect and analyze user feedback on screens or mockups.
  • Bounce lets people add feedback directly to your webpage, and allows them to collaborate with others to get you the best feedback.
  • Clue helps you find out what people remember about you after visiting your website.
  • Parade lets you schedule when you publish your photos to Flickr to build your audience.

Dmitry is @dragilev on Twitter.

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What you'll learn

  • Positioning your product
  • Getting Launch Day Coverage
  • Building relationships with bloggers and reporters
  • Tips on getting your pitch right
  • Sustaining traffic after launch
  • Distribution - building in virality in your product
  • Getting the pricing right
  • Upgrade triggers - getting people to upgrade to paid
  • Tips on boosting transactions
  • Q&A Session

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