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Are they not entertained?

Olman J
Olman J

February 17, 2017

Create a lasting memory with this animation-making machine

We all know how engaging a good whiteboard animation video can be. And since engagement = customers, this is muy bueno. (Money money money money, money!)

But like pimpin', making animations ain't easy.

Or cheap.

But what is one to do?

I'll tell you what you do.

You let us help you.

Meet Animatron.

Animatron is an online animation tool designed for professionals AND beginners!

With Animatron, you can make HTML5 animations, GIFs, videos, presentations, and more!

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

Animatron also gives you access to access to over 500,000 royalty-free stock videos, music, and images!

Even though Animatron is incredibly high-powered, its "Lite mode" lets even your kids use many of its features. (And once you're ready to take the training wheels off, you can switch to "Advanced mode.")

Animatron boasts thousands of free assets, including pre-animated characters and backgrounds, professionally designed and themed infographics, and more!

You can also import and edit your own content (svg, images, videos, fonts, etc.) with annotations, splices, or animated text. (It's about time you put all of those photos and videos you've been taking to good use!)

There are virtually limitless options for what you can do in terms of customizing. We're talking, reshaping, voice overs, recoloring and editing everything!

Once you're done with your animations, quickly download and export projects of any size.

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

Right now, Animatron is $60/mo for their Business Plan.

But we have convinced Animatron to hook Sumo-lings up!

A deal that gets you yearly access to Animatron's Business Plan for only $49!

I know what you're thinking, "what happens after 1 yr AppSumo?"

Well my little Sumo-ling, our friends at Animatron will lock in that price so you can renew at only $49/yr!

But only if you take advantage of this incredible deal right now!

Start making your animations now!

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

(It doesn't matter what you're using Animatron for, you'll love it!)

Animatron has a few benefits the other guys don't.

For starters, most other products only allow you to use what is given to you. Not the case with Animatron, as you can import your own stuff.

Animatron makes collaborating with colleagues and clients effortless.

Want to make some extra cash? The Business Plan's commercial rights allow you to sell the videos you create so you can make that cash money!

The competition only exports your projects to video. Meanwhile, Animatron can export your projects to video, gif, images, svg and html5 format!

Want some more awesomeness? How about Animatron is throwing in access to over 500,000 stock videos, audio, and images... does that wet your whistle?

Animatron will work on ANY browser, whether it has Flash or not, because it's an HTML5 app.

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

I don't know about you, but his deal is making me hungry!

We can all use an online animation tool this awesome.

And we can all use one at this price.

Take advantage of this deal while you still can and get one year of access to Animatron's Business Plan for only $49!

This is almost 90% off of the current price, people!

Lock in this price now before it is gone forever.

Click here now for immediate access to Animatron's Business Plan!

P.S. By purchasing this deal you will lock in this price and be able to renew for $49/yr.


Starts In

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

  • Unlimited public and private projects with no watermark
  • 100GB storage, real-time collaboration, and 3rd-party transfer rights
  • Video export and import in 1080P HD
  • Export to Full HD video, GIF, HTML5, PNG, SVG. Upload directly to YouTube, Facebook and other channels
  • Full support for video inside your projects and hundreds of different effects
  • Commercial rights: Sell any of the videos you create
  • Import your own vector and bitmap images, videos, sounds and fonts. Collect all your assets in the project library
  • Price lock: Renew after 1st year for $49
  • Over 500,000 royalty-free stock videos, audio, and images
  • 550K stocks = 100K HD video, 200K photos, 250K audio clips (includes loops, sfx and music)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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