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Get 4 iOS app templates for the price of less-than-one

Neville Medhora
Neville Medhora

October 22, 2012

AppDesignVault does all the designing for your iOS apps, so you can focus on the developing.

Update: Due to popular demand, we're continuing this deal for another 24 hours.

Time-saver for busy people: If you don't develop iPhone or iPad apps, then close this message. It won't be as helpful to you! (Sorry my Android homies.)

I'm still a huge Steve Jobs fanboy, and when I heard we were re-releasing this to iOS developers, I immediately knew which Steve video I was going to quote about design:

"'Design' is a really loaded word. I don't know what it means. So we don't talk a lot about design around here, we actually just talk about how things work. Most people think it's how they look. But it's not really how they look, it's how they work."

—Steve Jobs (YouTube video here.)

From everything I've read and watched about him, he always loved "combining technology and the liberal arts" to make great products.

This meant everything should first have a strong dose of functionality, but also make the whole thing beautiful and intuitive.

If put into logical terms, it would look something like:

Beauty only = meh.

Functionality only = alright.

Beauty + Functionality combined = GREATNESS.

This "beauty" part is hard for a lot of developers.

Maybe you have a similar problem as me: I know my way around Photoshop and can surely "design" something ... but I can never make it look really kick-ass like a real designer can.

One of the companies solving this problem is App Design Vault. It helps you developers make functional-yet-beautiful apps right out of the box.

App Design Vault sells iOS templates to build your app on.

They do all the designing, so you can just do the developing.

Check out some of their awesome templates: iPhone Template 1 iPhone Template 2

Their normal pricing structure is stupidly simple: $70 for 1 app template.

But since we're AppSumo and can get volume discounts, our deal is: $49 for 4 app templates.

This means for $49, you get $280 of App Design Vault credit. That's 4 full templates you get to download at anytime.

The deal is so good, that even if you're buying one template ($70), you might as well grab this deal and get it cheaper!

This deal will last for two days. But don't get pressured into buying this ...

First checkout all of App Design Vault's iOS templates here. Some of them even have demo videos. See if they fit your style.

If you're impressed, then grab this deal and start downloading your iOS templates. (And yes, they're all updated to work on iOS 6.)

Here's what one iOS developer had to say about App Design Vault's templates:

"For my first app I spent so much time trying to design something that looks good only to just throw my design to the trash. Luckily, I came across App Design Vault and immediately I fell in love with Tope's templates.

Exactly that kind of inspiration it was I was looking for, where even as a coder without any design skills it is possible to make an app that looks great!"

—Nino from RingSpeed. (RingSpeed is using elements of the Prolific template and made it to the Top Grossing Sports App in the German store.)

Oh yeah, if you bought this deal the last time we ran it, you can re-download the updated iOS 6 templates for free.

By the way, if you have nitty-gritty questions about these iOS templates, ask your question in the comments below, and Tope (founder & lead developer of App Design Vault) will answer you!

$49  $280

Starts In

App Design Vault

  • Enough credit to buy 4 templates (normally $70 each)
  • Templates are emailed to you soon as you buy
  • Must choose and redeem your 4 templates within a month from purchasing
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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