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Black Friday Deal 9 of 12: AppSumo Hiring Secrets

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

November 23, 2012

Learn Chief Sumo's Proven Automated Hiring Formula

The deal will be available from 4P.M. - 6P.M. CST

Black Friday Deal #9: View the rest of the Black Friday schedule here

Hiring SUCKS.

Yea it’s a hard process... but it also literally SUCKS away your time.

Fortunately Chief Sumo Noah Kagan has been through this a million times before.

He’s also famously impatient... so he’s developed a system that literally eliminates all the crappy candidates automatically and only shows him the cream-of-the-crop (and we Sumos LOVE cream).

The way he does this is by using four tools that EVERYONE has:

  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Forms
  • Excel
  • Gmail
  • ...that’s it.

With this system he automates the whole hiring process by setting up clever obstacles for people to jump over... and having the software filter all the crappy candidates.

This system lets you eliminate all the crap BEFORE EVER TALKING TO A SINGLE CANDIDATE!! Sounds impossible... but it’s not.

Noah spills the secrets to his automated hiring system, and LITERALLY SHOWS YOU via screen capture step-by-step what he does.

So if you have to hire people (or are about to hire people), this is for you.

Regularly, we sell Chief Sumo's program for $49 on AppSumo, which is already a steal for the value you receive.

But as one of the last specials on this Black Friday, it's only $25.

This price will NOT come back, so if you need help hiring, get this while you can.

$25  $99

Starts In

Appsumo Hiring Secrets

  • Save time by automating your filters and talking ONLY to vetted applicants
  • Learn to find proactive candidates and keep the best ones engaged
  • How to choose for cultural fit
  • 25 minute Action Video
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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