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You’ve been thinking about starting a little something on the side. (Disney+ premieres don’t pay for themselves.)

But you don’t wanna sink a bunch of energy into trying to freelance, only to end up making pennies an hour—or worse, getting paid in “exposure.”

Ready to learn all the insider tips for finding clients, setting rates, and managing your time for freelancing?

Open up Freelancing and Consulting as a Side Hustle.


Get multiple blueprints for setting your rates (and earning what you’re worth)

Find your first clients using nine proven techniques

Learn the best practices for sending invoices, avoiding sketchy clients, managing your time, and so much more

Best for: Aspiring freelancers and consultants looking to actually make a profit

Freelancing and Consulting as a Side Hustle is the ultimate launch guide for anyone who’s ever considered selling professional services.

Professional services are the lifehack you’re looking for to bolster your income (and shoestring budget).

Freelancing and consulting offer low overhead, flexible work schedules, and no employee drama—if you’re doing them right.

This ebook will break down the big issues for people just starting out, like how much to charge, when to pay taxes, and if you should incorporate.

You’ll be free from the guesswork and early stumbling blocks of going solo, so you can launch with confidence.

There’s more than one way to price your services.

This guide shows you the four most common ways to charge: hourly pricing, retainer, fixed fee, and the all-powerful value-based fee.

It also covers several pricing pointers, like what it means to factor “risk” into your pricing, to make sure you don’t under-charge for the services you’re offering (because you’re worth it).

One of the hardest parts of running a solo business is finding customers. That’s why Freelancing and Consulting as a Side Hustle offers nine ways to snag your first clients.

Dive into multiple tactics for using social media to connect with clients, or try different partnerships with other freelancers and agencies to launch a powerful referral network.

You’ll also get networking pointers to help you get the most out of digital and in-person events (#nostalgia).

And there are even more tips to get you raking in new clients with ease.

This ebook features takeaways based on in-depth advice with heavy hitters in the freelancing/consulting space.

You’ll access tips from Michael Zipursky, the CEO of Consulting Success, that cover how to avoid the most common consulting mistakes.

Learn from Rafael Espinal, Executive Director of Freelancers Union, who’s added his expertise on contracts and the importance of defining scope.

We even included all the ideas and tactics we’ve learned over the years at AppSumo by helping and working with thousands (yes, thousands) of freelancers.

Starting something new is always daunting—if you have a bad first experience, you’re not inclined to try again. (See also: why I don’t night snorkel.)

Whether you’re just getting started in freelancing and consulting—or you’re preparing to launch—this guide will answer the most common questions and start you on the right foot.

Make sure you don’t put the “free” in “freelancing.”

Get access to Freelancing and Consulting as a Side Hustle today!

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    • AppSumo's Freelancing and Consulting as a Side Hustle ebook

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      • 27-page ebook offering insider tips for beginning freelancers and consultants

      • Learn best practices for finding great clients and projects, networking, and managing your time

      • Earn exactly what you're worth with helpful advice on setting your rates for your services, invoices, incorporation and more

      • Get tips on how to use social media, freelancing sites, and partnerships to your advantage

      • Access key takeaways from subject matter experts like Michael Zipursky and Rafael Espinal

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