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What if you could become a NYT bestseller for $49?

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

January 26, 2016

Today we bring you lessons from 35 NYT bestsellers, publishers, and public speakers to help your book succeed.

The other day someone suggested I feature someone on AppSumo.

Being skeptical, I immediately ask, "what has he done?"

They said "He's an expert in his field, he wrote the book on the subject."

Suddenly my ears perked up and I was listening.

Whether we want to admit it or not - writing a book on a subject gives you instant credibility in your field.

But how do you make your book actually stand out and actually be successful?

What separates the 1,000s of self-published authors in the Amazon marketplace from those that make six figures, get picked up by publishers, and hit the best-sellers lists?

Well today, we drop those secrets into your lap with the AuthorConf All-Access Pass. (excuse the internet market-y landing page, the content and guests are actually solid).

In it you'll hear from 35 experts and their best lessons to help you create a best-selling book.

Experts like:

Normally, this all-access pass would cost your $197 and include audio and video recordings of each presentation.

Instead we got it for you for only $49!

Click here to learn from the top writing experts!

You'll learn key insights like:

  • How to go from Blog to Bestseller
  • How to position yourself to get national media exposure and book speaking gigs
  • The only reason you should sign with a traditional publisher and how to properly pitch them to get big advances
  • Why no great book is written by a single person and how to find killer editors and co-writers
  • How to find an awesome ghostwriter if you're too busy to write your own book

And TONS more!

The amount you could learn in the 30+ lessons used to cost authors thousands of dollars in lost revenue and failed books.

Next week you could pick it up for $197.

If your book helps you land one more client, speaking gig, or meeting with an influencer, this course would pay for itself 10x fold.

Instead, in this AppSumo exclusive promotion, you get it for only $49!

Click here to get it now!

$49  $197

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  • Lifetime access, forever.
  • 30+ video slideshow presentations recorded with the experts.
  • 30+ audio recordings of each AuthorConf session.
  • 30+ transcripts of each AuthorConf session.
  • Access to all the extra bonuses.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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