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Beats by Science

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

November 16, 2017

Bringing back one of our best deals EVER so you can get sh*t done

We all know the feeling:

You sit down to write that epic blog post you've been putting off for a week.

Your coffee is hot, inbox is zero, and Slack is set to 'Do Not Disturb'.

But before you even finish writing your punny title, texts and random distractions (BuzzFeed can tell me what kind of grilled cheese I am?!) start popping up that ruin your "productive" day.

Don't worry, Brain.fm is here to set you free.

Brain.fm is a scientifically proven music engine that uses artificial intelligence to help you stay focused, sleep better, and maximize productivity.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Pop on your headphones

Step 2: Turn on Brain.fm to activate hyper-focus mode

It's that easy.

As one of the best-selling AppSumo deals of all-time, we're stoked to be bringing this back to Sumo-lings again.

Just check out the taco-fest it got last time:

307 reviews!

What makes Brain.fm so awesome?

Well, the team at Brain.fm has been building brainwave software since the days of Dawson’s Creek (#throwback) and is supported by 180+ peer-reviewed research studies and a growing number of scientists.

Unlike Spotify and Binaural Beats, Brain.fm has been clinically proven to increase focus and are even working towards FDA approval.

Since the last time we've brought this deal, Brain.fm has added both iOS and Android support - so you can take your focus with you anywhere you go.

Brain.fm’s Sleep mode is perfect for bringing you into a calm and relaxed state and easing your late night restlessness (you did remember to lock the door, you Superhero, you).

Brain.fm immerses you in a 3D audio experience, enhancing deep concentration and silencing distractions.

All of Brain.fm’s music is generated by artificial intelligence and the compositions are entirely original and will play for as long as you need them.

Brain.fm is also constantly adding genres (piano, cinematic, electronic, etc.) and time options so you'll never run out of ways to get into the zone and stay there.

Normally, Brain.fm costs $149 - a small price to pay for deep concentration on demand.

But since we know how powerful this tool is, and just how much y’all loved it in the past, we wrestled up another incredible deal for our Sumo-lings:

Lifetime access to Brain.fm for just $37!

For a fraction of the cost of new earbuds, you can supercharge your productivity, get better sleep, and banish distractions once and for all.

Get lifetime access to Brain.fm now!

You can't get this deal anywhere else and it expires tonight at midnight CST so get it now!

P.S. Don't forget to grab our other amazing Black Friday deals before midnight (CT) tonight!

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  • Briefcase by AppSumo: Did you know that you can get access to ALL of these Black Friday tools, plus dozens of others, for just $49/month inside Briefcase?

Remember, these deals will be available for 24 hours only. No exceptions.

$37  $149

Starts In

Brain.fm Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime access to Brain.fm
  • Backed by 180+ peer-reviewed placebo controlled scientific studies.
  • Includes personalized training and a unique listening experience each session.
  • Proven to work better than white noise, classical music, or binaural beats.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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