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Lifetime Access to Botletter Pro Plan

This Deal is Sold Out

Don't ever relive this heartbreak— enter your email to get the latest deals!

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Outside of McDonald’s employees telling you the ice cream machine is broken, there's nothing more frustrating than seeing an email campaign with a low open rate.

Fortunately, Sumo-lings can MacGyver their away around this by sending campaigns directly through Facebook Messenger with Botletter.

But, Sumo-lings, you need to get your access to Botletter soon — we are almost out of codes!


Send updates and and drip campaigns through Messenger

Improve open and activation rates

Customize newsletters and subscriber lists

Get detailed campaign analytics

Botletter lets you send updates and drip campaigns on Facebook Messenger to an unlimited number of people.

Lifetime Access to Botletter

Right now, you can scoop up lifetime access to the Botletter Pro Plan.

The Pro Plan includes:

  • Up to 50,000 messages/month (campaign & sequence messages are only counted as "messages"; automatic opt-in messages are not counted as messages)

  • Unlimited number of Facebook pages

  • Unlimited number of team members

  • The ability to remove the Botletter sponsored button in the Messenger menu

  • Priority support

  • Stack as many codes as you want

If you get your butt in gear, all of this can be yours for life for just $49. (Um, this is normally $821 a year!)

Plus, you can increase your messages per month by stacking codes!

But you have to get your code before they’re gone!

Boost your engagement now!

Lifetime Access of Botletter

Lifetime Access of Botletter

Everyone from bloggers to agencies, freelancers to consultants are using Botletter to push out content and updates.

Through customizable newsletters, automated drip campaigns, filtered subscriber lists, and detailed analytics, Botletter is increasing retention and activation rates as well as improving marketing efficiency.

However, you won’t be able to experience this amazing marketing hack if codes sell out!

Get lifetime access to Botletter now!

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