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Have you Googled your name recently?

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

September 29, 2014

BrandYourself helps you look great when employers, clients, and even dates Google you

We're currently hiring a couple of new people at AppSumo. We have to look through resumes, references, and portfolios. But the first thing I do to learn about someone?

I Google their name.

Your Google results are often the first impression for:

  • Potential clients that are deciding if they should work with you
  • Employers figuring out if you're the right fit
  • Your hot date from last night

What if I told you that you can control your Google results?

Here's proof:

My good buddy Eric Fernandez has a pretty common name.

So if someone Googles his name, they see boring results about other Erics. That’s not good :-(

Eric used BrandYourself to control his Google results and now his Twitter profile is the #2 result!

Eric's Google results

With BrandYourself, you can:

  • Pick which profiles/links you want higher on Google
  • Track your progress and get alerts whenever your results change
  • Find out who’s Googling you and finding you online

You could spend hours upon hours of time trying to figure out how to do this manually, but BrandYourself makes its stupid easy for you.

BrandYourself in action

BrandYourself shows you exactly what you need to do to boost certain links.

It's free to use BrandYourself to boost 3 links and start improving your online reputation.

But if you really care about what people see when they Google you, BrandYourself has a premium plan which lets you:

  • Boost unlimited links to the top of Google
  • Apply a custom domain to your BrandYourself profile (I could use antonsepetov.com for my BrandYourself profile)
  • Get info about all of your profile visitors

Regularly a year of BrandYourself Premium is $99.

For the next week only, we’re giving it to you for only $25 (that’s 75% off!)

Online reputation companies regularly charge thousands of dollars to do this for you.

Want control of your Google results?

Click here and start using BrandYourself today.

$25  $99

Starts In

One year of BrandYourself Premium

  • Boost unlimited links to the top of your Google results to bury unwanted results.
  • Get data on all the people who have found you online.
  • Custom Domain: apply a custom domain like "johnsmith.com" to your BrandYourself profile to improve its rank.
  • Must redeem by September 15, 2015.
  • For new and existing BrandYourself users.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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