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The BrandYourself deal ends tonight at midnight CST

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

May 13, 2013

Last chance to control what people see when they search your name online

What's one of the first things people do if they're looking to hire you? (75% of HR departments are required to do this)

Or if they're a potential client you may work with?

Or if they like you and want to know more about you? ;-)

They search your name online.

It's one of the easiest ways to learn about someone and who they are online.

If your name is so common that people can't find you, you're not leaving any impression. Even worse, if your results don't portray you in a good light, you're leaving a negative impression which can hurt you big-time.

I work hard to build a great reputation for myself. I'm sure you do too ... which is why it's so important that the search results for your name reflect that.

In my last email, I asked y'all to search your own name online and see what came up.

Y'all had some hilarious results:

So I searched for myself and found this jewel... "Ryan Piper, Actor: A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell.". Nope, that's not me...but it would make a hell of an ice breaker...just sayin... :)

- Ryan Piper

Apparently I am incarcerated in Florida. I really hope they let me out soon because I have to go to work in the morning.

- Mark J

What if you could control what people see when they search your name online?

BrandYourself gives you the power to manage your own search results.

It lets you:

  • Pick which profiles/links you want higher in search results
  • Track your progress and get alerts whenever your results change
  • Find out who’s searching for you you and finding you online

You can spend hours upon hours of time trying to figure out how to do this manually, but BrandYourself guides you and easily shows you what you need to do to control your own search results.

BrandYourself works in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Submit any profiles/links you want to rank higehr

Submitting Links on BrandYourself

Dang it, I want my LinkedIn profile higher!

Step 2: Follow BrandYourself's expert Boost Steps to help your links rank higher

Steps to boost my LinkedIn Profile

Looks like I have some work to do!

Step 3: Get alerted when your boosted links rise (take 2-6 weeks)

Seeing the results

Here are the results someone saw after using BrandYourself

Bonus: BrandYourself gives you the ability to create a beautiful BrandYourself profile automatically designed to rank high for your name.

A BrandYourself profile takes 60 seconds to make, looks great, and gives you info on who is searching for you. No joke.

Here's what mine looks like:

My BrandYourself Profile

It's free to use BrandYourself to boost 3 links and start improving your online reputation.

But if you really care about what people see when they search your name online, BrandYourself has a premium plan which lets you:

  • Boost unlimited links to the top of search results
  • Apply a custom domain to your BrandYourself profile (I could use antonsepetov.com for my BrandYourself profile)
  • Get info about everyone who finds your BrandYourself profile

Not convinced yet? Here's what just a couple of the hundreds of thousands of people that have use BrandYourself said:

My acting work now pops up when agents/directors search my name. And I get alerts that let me know where inquiries come from!

- Alfretz C., Actor

YOU GAVE ME MY NAME BACK! After burying a false and offensive post about me on a random blog, I'm no longer afraid to tell people who I am.

- Edita K., Author

Normally, a year of BrandYourself Premium is $79.99.

Because I heart you, I got you a year of BrandYourself Premium for only $25 (that's almost 70% off!).

This exclusive price will be gone tonight at midnight CST.

Don't worry, you can use this in a few weeks or in a month, no rush.

Your online reputation is worth way more than $25, right?

$25  $79.99

Starts In

One year of BrandYourself Premium

  • Boost unlimited links to the top of your Google results to bury unwanted results.
  • Get data on all the people who have found you online.
  • Custom Domain: apply a custom domain like "johnsmith.com" to your BrandYourself profile to improve its rank.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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