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This is your last chance to jumpstart 2017

Olman J
Olman J

January 18, 2017

Realize all of your goals by putting them right in your effin' face

Right now, can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly say you are the best version of yourself?

Probably not. (Not because you suck, but because we all strive to be better than our current self.)

"Tell me, AppSumo, how do I become the best version of myself?! And how do I stop eating tacos after 2 AM?"

While we can't help you with the eating of tacos after 2 AM (we are guilty of this, too), we can help you be a better version of yourself with this bad boy:

2017 Wall Calendar

Last week we brought you Best Self's 2017 Wall Calendar, which is exactly what you need to get ish done.

This wall calendar is perfect for goal setters, visionaries, and dreamers.

It is perfect because you have the entire year staring you in the face.

Meaning, you can see exactly where you need to be a week from now AND three months from now. You can also see everything you've accomplished thus far. (Seeing what I've accomplished makes me feel like some kind of productive superhero.)

This calendar comes in two terrific finishes - matte and dry-erase. (Please beware, the matte finish is intended for badasses that write goals down with no intention of ever altering them. Are you a badass?)

Another fun fact: This wall calendar is printed on both sides so you can pick between a portrait or landscape orientation.

Sumo-nation is all over this deal!

2017 Wall Calendar

2017 Wall Calendar

2017 Wall Calendar

(Chad is foaming at the mouth waiting for his wall calendar! And we don't blame him.)

Regularly, this Best Self Wall Calendar is $27 + shipping and handling.

But, if you buy this deal before the timer hits 00:00 (you have less than 24 hours), you will get this fantastic wall calendar for only $15! Shipping and handling included!

Being amazing has never been this easy!

Stop wasting time inputting your goals into apps and online calendars you never look at.

Place your goals right in front of your face and make 2017 your year!

Click here now to get your Best Self 2017 Wall Calendar!

$15  $30

Starts In

2017 Wall Calendar

  • 24” x 36” in size, it's double-sided for either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • The dry-erase version wipes clean. The matte finish works great with regular pens & pencils.
  • European and USA versions available. Holidays & special events vary by location.
  • Rolled in tissue paper and shipped in a rigid tube, your planner will arrive crease free.
  • Allow 4-7 business days for US & UK. Allow 7-12 business days for international.
  • Shipping is included in price anywhere in the world.
  • This offer is non-refundable.

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