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Calling all goal diggers

Olman J
Olman J

December 10, 2017

See your whole year in one place with this amazing wall calendar

It’s that time of year again.

You bid 2017 adieu, drank too much champagne, and promised yourself that this will be the year you start going to the gym at 6am and liking it.

The problem is, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and let your goals slip away.

Well, this year, Best Self is giving your goals the home they need: the Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar.

Get a Best Self Wall Calendar

The Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar is a productivity tool that displays all of your goals and plans in one place.

Using Best Self’s Wall Calendar, you can input goals, deadlines, and projects for the entire year and organize your ideas into a logical timeline so that productivity and performance are always at their peak.

The best part? Everything you set out to accomplish is always one glance away! (Third and fourth quarter priorities won’t get treated like the red-headed stepchild anymore.)

The Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar helps you turn big dreams into tangible milestones.

Get a Best Self Wall Calendar

Sitting pretty at 27" x 39.5", the Best Wall Calendar has enough room for you to write in everything you set out to accomplish.

It's even double-sided with portrait or landscape orientation to adapt to your space and how you like to view your year.

It’s also designed with holidays and special events in mind. (European, US, and Australian versions available for all you Boxing Day observers!)

Get a Best Self Wall Calendar

The Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar is currently going for $24.99 plus shipping.

But, until we sell out, Sumo-lings can get their Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar for just $15 (shipping included)!

That’s 40% off this kick-ass calendar just for being a Sumo-ling!

Click here to kick your goals into high gear with the Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar!

Check out what Sumo-lings had to say about last year’s Best Self Wall Calendar:

Get a Best Self Wall Calendar

Get a Best Self Wall Calendar

Right now, you probably have this year’s goals tucked away in some app or planner that doesn’t get opened nearly as much as it should.

With the Best Self Wall Calendar, your goals are never too far away. (It’s hard to ignore something staring you right in the face.)

Get a Best Self Wall Calendar

It’s simple to say, “This is going to be my year.

But it takes action to make that statement true.

So, do your 2018 self a favor, and grab a Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar.

This premium productivity tool will have you reaching milestones like it’s nobody’s business. (Although, we know you won’t be able to keep from bragging)

Get a head start on 2018 by ordering your Wall Calendar now.

Grab the Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar for only $15 right here!

P.S. This makes an amazing gift for the overachiever in your life :)

$15  $30

Starts In

Get the Best Self 2018 Wall Calendar

  • 2018 Wall Calendar 27” x 39” in size
  • Double-sided for either portrait or landscape orientation
  • European, Australia and USA versions available
  • Holidays & special events vary by location
  • Allow 4-7 business days for US & UK. Allow 7-21 business days for international
  • Shipping is included in price anywhere in the world
  • No credits allowed
  • This offer is non-refundable.

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