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Sending cold emails can either be the biggest pain in your career, or it can be a career superpower.

Cold Email Master is a step-by-step course developed to teach you how to send emails that “Very Busy People” want to reply to.

Designed with job-hunters, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and salespeople in mind, Cold Email Master makes sending emails to CEOs, founders, business partners, journalists, and other busy people a breeze.

In this course you will learn the psychology of busy people who get lots of well-crafted emails every day. You'll learn why they choose to ignore some emails, and reply to others. You will also learn how to make your own emails both compelling and easy to reply to.

Walk away from this course with lifetime access to a step-by-step checklist for crafting emails to busy, important people, more than a dozen email scripts tested with 100+ students & 10,000+ readers, and live email tear-downs & write-ups that you can study to become a Cold Email Master.

Land more deals, meet new mentors, and grow your network.

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Get a "why and how" rundown of fantastic cold emails

Learn how to reach out to and get replies from busy people, even if they ignore your first email

Get access to email scripts and recordings of live email write-ups for different scenarios

Best for: Job-hunters looking for their dream job, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and sales professionals

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    • Cold Email Master Course

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      • Learn a step-by-step system to write cold emails to busy people that make it easy and compelling for them to reply

      • Know-how and when to follow up when you don't get a reply

      • Get lifetime access to updates, live email write-ups, case studies, and new content

      • Get access to tools for finding email addresses, crafting great emails, and closing more deals

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