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Disclaimer: The ConvergeHub lifetime offer has ended. However, you can still get yearly access to the Starter Plan for the discounted and locked price of $199 (retail value: $324). You'll be able to renew every year on ConvergeHub's website at $199

When it comes to tackling sales, support, marketing, and billing, you're the Easter Bunny (you've got your eggs in multiple baskets).

But having a scattered CRM process means missing key opportunities to close deals.

It's time to get all those sales and CRM sections under control without juggling platforms.

Meet ConvergeHub.


Manage sales, marketing, support, and billing from one unified platform

Alternative to: Salesforce, Pipedrive

Create custom sales processes combined with powerful automation to attract leads and build client relationships

Best for: Sales teams, marketers, and support staff looking for a convenient way to scale their CRM to enterprise-level

ConvergeHub is a unified CRM platform that handles customer data for sales, marketing, support, and billing with easy automation.

ConvergeHub makes the CRM process simple and packs all of its extensive features into a clean and configurable Dashboard.

You’ll find an easy overview for new leads, closed deals, and upcoming tasks, along with options to add your sales pipeline, support cases, and ROI.

The dashboard comes pre-configured with a set of the most commonly used dashlets (aw!), and you can create or delete as many as you like.

It’s your business, the way you want to see it.

The customizable dashboard gives you a quick top-down view of your business!

The Leads module of ConvergeHub has everything you need to follow up and close sales without breaking a sweat.

It’s intuitive and built for speed, letting you change status, schedule meetings, make notes, and send emails from one page.

Inside the Leads page, you’ll find all related documents, meetings, upcoming tasks, and products/services for that particular client.

ConvergeHub then lets you schedule tasks, send texts, or even make calls (with Twilio or Ringcentral).

The Leads tab lets you schedule meetings, send emails, and manage documents for future clients!

In ConvergeHub’s marketing tab, you can use or create your own templates for campaigns.

Sections are customizable, and you have the ability to build customer lists or segment your leads to improve targeting.

You can create a campaign, then schedule a series of emails or texts before viewing their “click” and “open” stats right in the same section.

Create campaign templates or send and track emails in the Marketing tab.

ConvergeHub has your back when it comes to customer support, too.

Manage your tickets with ease or delegate them to other team members. Plus, you can automate replies and track the history of each case.

Flooded with the same generic questions? You’ll also have the option to create FAQs in Knowledgebase to make everyone’s life easier.

Customer support features include tracking tickets, automating replies, and creating FAQs!

Easily create quotes and invoices for your services, then use customizable templates to send them directly to your customers from ConvergeHub.

The Report Builder will let you compile and schedule reports in no time, based on whichever area of CRM you’d like laid out neatly for you.

ConvergeHub also lets you automate actions to reduce your workload, with a comprehensive system to configure triggers and setup.

Expand your team and bring more people onboard if you'd like—ConvergeHub gives you complete control over roles and permissions.

Create invoices from handy templates and submit them to clients right in ConvergeHub!

CRM is a small acronym for a massive topic, so don’t worry if you feel like one little word is eating up all your time.

People are interacting with your brand, reaching out, and giving you work to do—it’s a good thing! (Because, money.)

With ConvergeHub, it gets even better. Take sales, marketing, support, and billing, and roll them all into one convenient package that helps grow your business faster with less work!

Get one year of access today!

P.S. Learn how to use ConvergeHub like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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