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Your last chance to get these 3 Copy Hackers eBooks

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

August 5, 2013

Get this deal before midnight CST and turn your website visitors into buyers

Last week, I told y’all about why I love writing these emails for you.

One reason is that I get to make you laugh with ridiculous photos. Well, here’s the outcome of the last photo you saw:

Sumo Daniel and Sumo Eric goofing around.

We Sumos have a good time at the dojo.

More than that, I get to write about amazing products to help you with your businesses.

But ... good things don’t last forever, so I’m writing today to give you one last chance to get this awesome deal before it’s gone.

If you have a product/service you’re selling online and you write:

  • Web copy including email copy
  • Buttons/call to actions
  • Page headlines, product descriptions, etc.

You know that your copywriting is what turns your website visitors into buyers.

Which lets you pay those bills and eat all those delicious tacos.

If you want to optimize your conversion copywriting skills, here’s what I got for you ...

The Copy Hackers Advanced Pack is a set of 3 eBooks including:

  • The Dark Art of Writing Long-Form Sales Pages - This will teach you the essentials of writing sales copy to convert visitors into buyers.
  • The Startup Guide to Differentiation - You likely have a competitor doing something like you. What makes you different and more awesome? This eBook teaches you how to show why you're different and why you're better.
  • The Great Value Proposition Test - The secrets to writing great headlines and the test data to prove it so that people actually open/read your stuff.

You can check out a sample from each book here.

Here’s what just one sumo-ling had to say about the books:

Excellent Marketing Books

If I didn't already own every Copyhackers book, I would buy these again.

- Ben Nesvig

Regularly, this 3-book Advanced Pack sells for $97.

Before midnight tonight CST, you can get these 3 eBooks and increase your conversion rates for only $29 (that’s 70% off).

Don’t miss out on your chance to improve your copywriting and turn your website visitors into buyers.

$29  $126.97

Starts In

Copy Hackers Advanced Pack

  • "The Dark Art of Writing Long-Form Sales Pages" eBook.
  • "The Startup Guide to Differentiation" eBook.
  • "The Great Value Proposition Test" eBook.
  • All books come in PDF and .mobi formats.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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