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You don’t have to hire a copywriter to make money from your website

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

August 6, 2013

The first 4 Copy Hackers eBooks will teach you the basics of copywriting so you can turn your visitors into buyers

Okay sumo-ling, so you have a product that you're selling.

Now you're getting people to your website, but sales aren't coming along as you thought they would ...

Well, you may not be conveying your message with the most effective copywriting.

Why is copywriting so important?

Because well-written copy is fun to read, improves conversion rates, and most importantly ... drives sales.

If you struggle writing fun stuff that converts, I have something for you.

Copy Hackers eBooks teach you:

  • How to write the catchy headlines and subject lines
  • The importance of formatting
  • Call-to-actions that work
  • Tons and tons more

This is for anyone who writes web copy including email copy, buttons/call to actions, page headlines, product descriptions, etc.

The Copy Hackers Starter Bundle includes:

  • Book 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From
  • Book 2: Formatting & the Essentials of Web Writing
  • Book 3: Headlines, Subheads, & Value Propositions
  • Book 4: Buttons & Click-Worthy Calls to Action

Just check out a sample from each book here.

Here's what a couple sumo-lings who bought the books said:

An incredible value from an SEO and CRO perspective

Content is king! We have to have solid unique content for SEO purposes but reaching your persuadable buyers is the next step. These guides showcase the important steps to get more sales and more money from each sale. So worth the investment!

- Phil Hudson

Copywriting guide that anyone can understand

The books are fun, straightforward and simple to understand.

- Stefan Popescu

If you buy each of these books separately, it'll cost you $76.

Our friends at Copy Hackers sell this 3-book Starter Bundle for $57.

Lucky for you sumo-ling, I got the price down of the Copy Hackers Starter Bundle all the way down to only $19 (that's 67% off!)

Start learning the basics of effective copywriting and turn your website visitors into buyers!

$19  $75.96

Starts In

Copy Hackers Starter Bundle

  • Book 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From.
  • Book 2: Formatting & the Essentials of Web Writing.
  • Book 3: Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions.
  • Book 4: Buttons & Click-Worthy Calls to Action.
  • Bonus: 6 Persuasion Strategies eBook.
  • All books come in PDF and .mobi formats.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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