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24 hours left to get the Copy Hackers eBook bundle

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

September 8, 2015

Until midnight CST tonight, you can get one of the best Copywriting resources out there at nearly 70% off!

So I was flying to Vegas this past weekend with Southwest Airlines.

The guy at the checkout counter was hocking their credit card - a big sign read: "50,000+ bonus points if you sign up today".

NOBODY was at his counter. The problem? Nobody understands what 50,000 points really means.

What if SouthWest had written "Get 4 free flights if you sign up today"? The line would've been around the corner.

This power, the ability to change a few words, and drastically improve human response is called Copywriting.

One of the best places to learn this dark art is the Copy Hackers eBook Bundle.

Whether you're writing copy for your website, crafting a perfect blog post, or looking into becoming a freelance copywriter - these books teach you everything you need like:

  • How to write killer headlines so you don't lose 90% of your audience
  • Creating CLEAR calls to action that double revenue
  • The scientific proven template you must follow for your copy to be effective

But don't take our word for it. Just check out what Ron had to say:

Get Copy Hackers eBook bundle for only $39!

Normally this amazing deal (with 7 books and bonus videos) would run you $119.

Instead, in this AppSumo exclusive, you can get it for only $39!

Click here to get the full Copy Hacker bundle and master the power of influential writing!

P.S. Remember! Once that clock hits zero - this deal will be gone into the ether, forever!

$39  $119

Starts In

7 eBook CopyHackers Bundle

  • Book 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From.
  • Book 2: Formatting & the Essentials of Web Writing.
  • Book 3: Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions.
  • Book 4: Buttons & Click-Worthy Calls to Action.
  • Book 5: Writing Long-Form Sales Pages.
  • Book 6: The Great Value Proposition Test.
  • Book 7: The Startup Guide to Differentiation.
  • All books come in PDF and .mobi formats.
  • Added Video bonus.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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