Learn to make rockstar demo videos from the master himself

Slick intro videos too expensive for you? Learn to make them from the master himself. This course has everything you need to learn step-by-step how to make them for yourself or for $$$$





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Ya know those intro videos on bigger websites?

The ones made out of doodles...and within 1 minute they explain the whole business?

Well they happen to be incredibly effective (which is good for websites).

They also happen to be incredibly expensive (which is good for designer$).

Well what if I told you us Sumos have kidnapped the guy who makes those high-dollar videos?

What if we put him in our basement and made him give us ALL HIS SECRET SAUCE? We're talking detailed video instructions to make Demo Videos.....everything from:

  • The planning phase
  • Storyboarding
  • Writing the scripts
  • Voice over
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Editing, Delivering, & Promoting
  • ...basically the whole process from beginning to end...

Would this be interesting to you?

There are two kinds of people who will "get all tingly down there" when they get an opportunity to take a course like this:

  1. Designers: Because knowing how to make these intro videos can command extremely high-dollar gigs.
  2. Startups who can't afford the high cost of a professional intro video: Because learning this will let you bootstrap professional-grade videos.

This is like a college course on Demo Video Making that'll take you through every step...

BUUTTTT..... this course isn't gonna taught by some Boring McSquare-ington.

No no no.

This is being taught by Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media. Ya know what, I'm just going to call him "Grumo" from now on!

Grumo is a successful video-maker-guy for clients such as Ashton Kutcher ....and he's also a HILARIOUS teacher!

Taking this video course is like going to a FUN school that teaches USEFUL stuff.

So this course is great for making a video at your startup....

...or Young Sumo-ling, this could be a whole new career for you. Or at least a great way to put extra $$ in that pocket of yours.

Normally you could only find this level of edu-ma-cation at a formal school.....but Udemy has the Grumo Video Demo course for a mere $297....

.....but us Sumos DEMANDED A LOWER PRICE. My 510 lbs self must have scared them, because TODAY ONLY we've got the Grumo Demo Video Course over 70% off the price!

Take action now young Sumo-ling....this could be the birth of a whole new talent of yours!

The Chief "Grumo" Sumo

P.S. Watch the course intro video to hear "GRUMO SUMO" explain this to you!

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