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24 hours left to grab DesignBold Pro

Chris Schelzi
Chris Schelzi

November 6, 2016

Your new favorite tool for designing webinar decks, infographics, flyers, and just about everything else

Do your design assets look meh? You try and build a Gucci but it looks more like a knockoff.

Lucky for you, DesignBold is here to save the day.

If you're creating presentations, webinars, flyers or resumes - you need a simple way to whip up beautiful designs on the fly.

DesignBold is the cleanest, simplest, and fastest online design tool for non-designers we've come across.

We scored our Sumo-lings this amazing deal with DesignBold and y’all devoured it like Chewbacca at a Las Vegas buffet.

Lifetime Access to DesignBold

Right on, Fred!

What's included with this DesignBold offer:

  • 4,000+ professionally designed templates... so you look like a pro.
  • Drag and drop interface, intuitive editing, and high-resolution download.
  • Unlimited use of 7,000+ high-res stock photos with extended license.

The rest of the world pays $228/yr for access to DesignBold (much cheaper than what a freelancer charges for a small project).

But you're not a part of the rest of the world, you're part of Sumo Nation.

Which is why you're getting LIFETIME ACCESS to DesignBold's Pro membership for just $39!

Stop waiting and start creating designs that make your business proud.

Create stunning designs today for only $39!

P.S. You have less than 24 hours.

$39  $1,140

Starts In

Lifetime Access To DesignBold Pro

  • Drag-and-drop interface, innovative editing, and high-resolution download.
  • 20 folders for organizing designs or photos and access to premium layouts.
  • Note: Credits for 20 monthly premium stock photos are not included in this deal due to licensing costs.
  • Professional Touch: Two On-demand professional touch-ups for holiday designs you created (Reg. $38)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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