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Getting Screwed & Betrayed, and how to handle it:




-How Can I Make This Fun For ME?
-Abundance vs. Scarcity Mentality
-Pros & Cons of working from home
-Problems sending out 750,000 emails a day, and some AppSumo mistakes
-HABITS: Making em and Breaking em
-"It Never Ends"
-Just "10 More Minutes" (giggity)
-How to be a GREAT guest (not just good)
-Mac Hackz.  For Mac users to save time
-How to get out of a slump
-What I've learned from Noah Kagan
-Paying People To Help You Learn Stuff
-How to FIRE People
-How To Get A Job You Actually LIKE
-Noah's 30th B-Day Old Man Life Advice
-Getting Stuff Done by Hiring Peoplezz
-Spending Money
-The Depression Dojo
-Stupid businesses you've done in the past
-WTF Do Entrepreneurs DO all day?
-Answering Startup Questions
-Aussie Questions about entrepreneurs
-Hacking Success
-Our Sumo eating habits
-Outsourcing and how we do it
-Productivity Hacks
-Discussing Wantrepreneurs