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Stop getting ripped off

Olman J
Olman J

December 26, 2016

This online shopping cart won't charge you an arm and a first born to sell your downloadable content

You know what's frustrating?

Spending an entire year writing and editing a book and having someone charge you a per-sale fee or commission.

What is that about?

You mean to tell me someone who added nothing to the creative process is getting a piece of the pie every time your product is bought? Just because they're letting you put it in their shopping cart?

This is ridiculous!

Don't worry, that nonsense ends today. Meet DPD.

Lifetime access to DPD

DPD, also known as Digital Product Delivery, is an all-in-one shopping cart and digital fulfillment service for downloadable products.

Basically, they help you sell your stuff. But.. They don't charge per sale fees or commissions!

All you have to do is upload your product, copy and paste DPD's shopping cart buttons, and watch the sales start rolling in!

And if you're pumping out a variety of products, you'll be happy to know that DPD offers a multi-item cart checkout. (Single-item instant checkout is available, too.)

Oh, and you and your customers can sleep easy at night knowing that DPD is a PCI-DSS compliant service provider. (SSL is used for all checkouts and customer CC info is not stored.)

They'll also allow your products to have multiple files, keycodes, or delivery messages.

For the actual sale of your product, you can use your own payment processor and have that cash money immediately sent directly to any of these options:

Lifetime access to DPD

(So many ways to get that moola!)

While DPD is helpful, they are not stupid. They know they've got to charge users a little something to keep the lights on.

Luckily for Sumo-lings, DPD and AppSumo have teamed up to bring you an awesome deal!

With this special deal, you can get LIFETIME access for only $39!

That's correct. You will be able to sell up to 5 of your products at a time with up to 1GB of storage for life.

Hurry! Get this deal now!

Click here to get lifetime access to DPD for $39!

Lifetime access to DPD

(DPD works with data integration systems so you can stay on top of your game.)

If you're currently selling your products online, you're probably being charged excessive processor fees or bandwidth charges.

This is something DPD doesn't believe you should have to do. (We don't either.)

With DPD, you can use your own processor without any penalties.

DPD regularly releases updates based on user feedback, which is great for you because they're always looking for ways to improve and are constantly adding new features.

DPD's simple text links, dynamic buttons, and product widgets work well on ANY website!

Lifetime access to DPD

(Just copy the link and paste it to your Facebook, blog, etc.! It's that easy!)

In summary, the Lifetime plan to DPD includes:

  • Unlimited bandwith
  • 5 interchangeable product slots
  • 1GB of product space
  • All current DPD features and options

And all of this is for only $39.

Well, that's if you use your Sumo-ling privilege and get this deal before it is gone!

If not, you'll be stuck with the normal people that have to pay money every year for this.

Don't get stuck with the normal people (they smell weird).

Get lifetime access to DPD now!

$39  $600

Starts In

Lifetime Access to DPD

  • 1 GB of total product space with 5 total interchangeable products
  • Unlimited bandwidth and product sales
  • Customizable checkout
  • 3rd party integrations such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, and more
  • Subscription system requires payment info on file
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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