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The course Noah Kagan should have taken in 2013

Tyler Vawser
Tyler Vawser

October 5, 2014

Email1k.com is a free course that guides you through the exact process to double your email list

This might be the first and last email I ever write for AppSumo.

I'm calling Noah out on his shit.

Back in April 2013, Noah's marketing blog OkDork had a mere 3,000 subscribers.

That's not much for a guy who runs AppSumo with more than 750,000 email addresses.

Come on Noah! Where are your marketing skillz!?

Noah was hoping that people would show up on his blog and gladly give him their email address. Sound familiar?

In January 2014, he sat me down and said, "There is only 1 goal: 50,000 emails. Period."

Why emails?

Email is still the most effective marketing tool today. Traffic, social media, and SALES all come through emails. Email lets you control your business and gives you direct access to your customers.

With our 50,000 email goal in mind, we wrote out as many ideas as possible to reach our goal:

  • iTunes Podcast
  • Guest posting
  • More YouTube videos
  • Tons and tons of other ideas

We wasted time and money ... until we figured out the top strategies that will work for any blog, site, and business.

Fast forward to today and Noah's email list has grown to 60,000+ email subscribers!

Stats on Noah's email growth

Now for the best part ...

We're giving YOU all the secrets that we used to grow Noah's list.

For the next 6 days only, you can sign up for Email1k.com for free to learn the exact process to double your email list.

Not only will you learn the techniques Noah's used, you'll also learn from email marketing experts like:

  • Joanna Wiebe: Conversion Copywriter
  • James Clear: The Syndication Master
  • Neville Medhora: Kopywriting King
  • Peep Laja: Conversion Optimization Oracle
  • David Kadavy: The Creator of Design for Hackers

For 30 days you'll get lessons that show you exactly how to:

  • Optimize your site to get 10% conversion
  • Create content that drives traffic & sign-ups
  • Use copy that makes it almost impossible not to sign up
  • Launch giveaways that boost your brand and your email list
  • Tons more

Not only that but you'll also get an Email Marketing Toolkit worth over $300 with special hook-ups from LeadPages, Wistia, Unbounce, and more.

And yep ... for the next couple of days this is all free.

How valuable would it be to double your email list ... and double your business?

Click here to sign up for Email1K now.

P.S. We're likely going to be going to be charging for this in the future, so sign up for free while you can.


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  • 30 day course to double your email list.
  • Lessons from email marketing experts.
  • Includes an Email Marketing Toolkit with over $300 of special hookups.
  • Must signup before October 13th to get access.

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