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[Friday Freebie] Get this $39 End of Jobs package for free!

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

December 11, 2015

Follow along the journey of 10 entrepreneurs that were able to successfully launch a location independent business.

Remember when you read "The Four Hour Work Week?"

How excited you were to finally launch a business you could run from the beach?

Well it's been 8 years, and not much has changed. You might even feel like entrepreneurship isn't for you.

Today's freebie shows you it is possible by showcasing 10 entrepreneurs that have successfully launched their 7 figure location independent businesses.

Normally $39, we got you the complete End of Jobs bundle 100% free.

This bundle includes the 5 star rated bestselling book (in all formats), audiobook, interviews with all 10 entrepreneurs, 90 day goal setting template, and TONS more.

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Inc Magazine called this book one of the "Top Start-Your-Own-Business Book of 2015". In it, you will learn about:

  • Jimmy and Doug, who left their office jobs after launching their insanely popular Minaal bags (that have since generated over a million dollars in sales)
  • Jesse Lawler, the CEO of an app development shop, that he runs while sipping coconuts in Vietnam
  • And even Taylor Pearson, the author of the book, who helped 5x a 7 figure eCommerce company from the beaches of Bali.

All while their friends back home were content with their 2% annual raise.

By following along in their journey, you can analyze the decisions they made and apply them to your own business.

Whether that's choosing the right business idea, creating repeatable processes you can outsource to your first employee, and how to scale your business so you can back away from it.

Normally this package would cost you $39.

Today we're giving you everything 100% free including the book (in all formats), audiobook, and a ton of extra bonuses like:

  • Recorded interviews with all 10 entrepreneurs featured in the book
  • Cliff notes version of the book so you can quickly learn the lessons taught
  • A 90 day goal setting template to hold yourself accountable
  • And a list of the 49 tools used by the entrepreneurs in the book to help you grow your business

And TONS more!

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P.S. This deal will only be live for 96 hours. Get it now before it's gone for good!

FREE  $39

Starts In

End of Jobs Freebie

  • End of Jobs book (in PDF, ePub, and Mobi)
  • End of Jobs Audiobook
  • Interview with 10 entrepreneurs featured in book.
  • End of Jobs cliff notes version.
  • Apprenticeship hiring process.
  • 90 day goal setting template.
  • List of 67 books every entrepreneur should read.
  • List of 49 tools to help you grow your business.

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