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Noah Kagan - Chief Sumo

The Man. The Legend. The Noah. After working at Intel, Facebook, Mint, and Gambit, he created AppSumo to help geeks dominate on a daily basis. He's helped thousands of people increase their quality of life, and he's no where near done. His passions include Taco Deli, yoga, and hustling 3rd-world shopkeepers.

Chad Boyda - Chief Technology Sumo

A seasoned entrepreneur, Chad has done and seen it all. He's that guy that said, "College? HA! I'll just make my own businesses!" and that's exactly what he's done since 17. It's been rumored he codes while sleeping and he makes us the best cocktails every Friday. We best describe him as our Spock - decisive, calculated, and objective. We love him.

Eric Fernandez - Python/Django Developer Sumo

Take MIT, add some wit, and sprinkle a lot of coding skillz and BOOM - you've got Eric. He spends every day breaking, creating, and optimizing our site's features. Things like the check-out haiku, the multiple purchase warning, and the swift refund process are all his doing. Along with coding, Eric spends most of his time making the office laugh.

Anton Sepetov - Biz Dev Sumo

Every time you say, "This product rocks!" you should be thanking Anton. He's the one, using Russian KGB tactics, that brings you those mind-blowing products at those face-melting prices. His work ethic makes slaves look lazy and he's always ready to help others succeed. Tito's vodka runs through his veins and Hip Hop makes his heart beat. He's also very tall.

Arielle Hale - Community Manager / Customer Happiness Sumo

Arielle is our coffee-drinking, hip-hop-loving, Seattle-based community manager and customer happiness sumo. Whether fielding support questions or prodding and encouraging members of the Monthly 1k course to kick ass, Arielle's out to make the AppSumo community happy.