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[Friday Freebie!] What happened when I was locked in my apartment for 24 hours

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

August 27, 2015

Fedora is one of the best course hosting platforms out there. Today we got you 6 months free!

Earlier this month I locked myself in my apartment over the weekend and shipped an online course to teach people how to get out of debt.

I launched the course in less than 24 hours, posted it online and waited anxiously for the first sale.

Now, (outside of this awesome job), I am a 100% regular guy. I don't have a huge following, email list, or a ton of famous friends.

So to launch, I didn't post this on AppSumo, didn't ask Noah to tweet about it, and didn't even email my whopping 38 email subscribers :-)

I simply posted it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and waited for the best. 36 hours later, the dust had settled...

Get 6 Months of Fedora FREE!

$1000+ in sales (had a couple returns), 200+ emails from people who grabbed my freebie, and a 100% validated idea.

I would've never been able to launch so quickly without Fedora.

Fedora is one of the best course hosting platforms out there.

They have a great free plan, but if you want advanced features like a custom domain, coupon codes, and deep analytics - you'll want to get on their paid plans.

Luckily for you - we got you 6 months of Fedora Basic (reg $29/month) 100% free! (That's a $174 value)

Click here to secure your spot! (no credit card required)

Using Fedora, I was able to build my course, create a GORGEOUS sales page, and make my first sale in less than 24 hours:

Get 6 Months of Fedora FREE!

Some quick tips to launch your course this week:

  • Pick a topic quickly: If I asked you "What are you good at?", what's the first thing that pops into your head? There are beginners out there that would gladly pay to learn from you (even if the information can be found for free elsewhere). I'm hardly an "expert", and you don't have to be one either.
  • Testimonials are everything: Adding a single testimonial to my page increased conversions 10 fold. Nobody reads product descriptions. Everybody reads Amazon reviews. Leverage that.
  • Launch FAST: Forget the DSLR, audio mic, and pretty slides. Your first course will be UGLY and half-finished. Your customers won't care as long as you can provide a solution to one SINGLE pain point. Start small, ship, and then make it perfect over time.

Now, Fedora is great on it's own, but if you want to unlock advanced features - you gotta get a paid plan.

These paid plans start at $29/month, but today, in this AppSumo exclusive, any new user can get 6 months 100% free! (That's a $174 value!)

Click here to get 6 months Fedora FREE and launch your school today! (no credit card required)

P.S. You'll have a few weeks to use your access code so grab your spot NOW even if you're not ready to launch your course today.

FREE  $174

Starts In

6 months Fedora Freebie

  • 6 months of Fedora Basic Plan.
  • For new schools only.
  • Ability to use custom domains.
  • Third party integration (Mailchimp, SumoMe, + 300 other apps).
  • Ability to launch an Affiliate program.
  • Create coupon codes to tier your marketing.

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