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Anyone can be a video editor with this

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

April 27, 2017

Create spectacular videos with Filmora's simple video editing software

More and more, we've felt the push to use videos on our websites and social medias.

However, some of us have been a little slow to jump on board because, well, let's face it, we aren't great video editors.

And it's not like we have the money to spend on expensive software or even the time to learn how to use it.

But that is about to change!

AppSumo is introducing Sumo-lings to a simple and cost effective option.

Meet Filmora.

Filmora is a powerful and intuitive video editing software that will turn anyone into a great video editor.

Filmora comes with tons of features and effects. (Over 300 effects added in its recent upgrade!)

With Filmora, you can edit/export 4k videos, import/edit/export Gifs, remove background noise, control speed, and much more!

In addition to the "basic" editing tools, here are some of the other things you'll be able to do to your videos:

  • Filters and overlays - Making yourself pretty on Instagram and Snapchat isn't the only time you can use filters.

  • Texts and titles - Write what you have to say inside of the video instead of the caption no one reads.

  • Motion elements - Place moving graphics in your video by simply dragging and dropping them in.

  • Transitions - Keep up with the professionals by combining multiple videos and images seamlessly.

  • Add music - Royalty free songs are readily available in Filmora's music library. In 4-6 weeks ALL songs will be available for commercial use.

Filmora also has an effects store that offers free as well as discounted effects.

This deal also includes access to one Effects Set!

The retail price for a lifetime Mac Business license of the newest version of Filmora is $120.

However, after several thousand fruit baskets, we were able to entice Filmora to hook Sumo-lings up with a much lower price.

So, instead of paying $120 for one Business license, Sumo-lings can get FIVE licenses for only $49!

You should also know this deal includes lifetime upgrades for future versions and discounts on new effects! (Even after you buy this deal, you'll still be saving!)

We also convinced Filmora to hook y'all up with a free Effects Set that normally retails for $30. You're welcome.

Hurry up and get your code before the fruit baskets go bad and Filmora changes their mind!

Click here now for 5 lifetime Filmora Mac Business licenses!

Click here now for 5 lifetime Filmora PC Business licenses!

Lifetime Access to 5 Filmora Mac licenses

Lifetime Access to 5 Filmora Mac licenses

Lifetime Access to 5 Filmora Mac licenses

With its easy-to-use interface, stylish effects, and modern music library, Filmora stacks up rather well against the competition.

The majority of the other options often come with a big price tag and a steep learning curve. (C'mon, you and I both know failing at learning how to edit videos is not how you want to spend your weekends.)

But this Filmora deal is much cheaper and easier to use than what you'll find elsewhere.

Filmora is outstanding for YouTubers because it provides a license that lets them use all of the effects and music on youtube, even if they have a monetized channel!

Oh, and don't waste your time with the free alternatives, as they will not give the advanced features you desire.

For example, you won't get advanced features from the free options such as Green Screen, 3D Luts Color Grading, Audio Mixer and Equalizer, Split Screen, Video Stabilization, Speed Controls and a lot more!

But you know where you can get these features?

That's right.


Up until now, a lot of the things we mentioned in this email were reserved for professionals who were using expensive software.

But now, you can use these features with Filmora's simple drag and drop interface.

Filmora is the video editing software you need to impress your clients.

And at only $49, you need it right now.

Don't miss this deal and wind up paying retail value.

Click here and start editing your videos into something awesome on 5 Mac Business licenses!

Click here for 5 lifetime Filmora PC Business licenses!

P.S. This deal includes a free Effects Set of your choosing worth $29.99. In 4-6 weeks all music tracks will be available for commercial use.

$49  $630

Starts In

Lifetime Access to 5 Filmora Video Editor Business licenses for Mac

  • Picture in Picture (PIP) support, advanced text editing, green screen support, and more
  • 4K editing and export support
  • Free upgrades for life and discounts on new effects
  • 5 lifetime Business licenses for Mac
  • One Effects Set of your choice worth $29.99
  • For commercial use (music tracks will be available for commercial use in 4-6 wks)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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