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You've never seen a video-editor this awesome

Olman J
Olman J

May 1, 2017

This must-have video editing software is setting sail in less than 24 hours

Last week, Sumo-lings got acquainted with Filmora.

Filmora is a simple-to-use video editing software that can help anyone create awesome videos in no time.

To say that Sumo-lings like Filmora would be a massive understatement.

Over 5,000 codes have been redeemed and we have less than 2,000 codes left!

Just look at some of the reviews you left:

Lifetime Access to 5 Filmora Business licenses

Lifetime Access to 5 Filmora Business licenses

Lifetime Access to 5 Filmora Business licenses

While Jose is being a bit critical of his creative skills, he is right.

Filmora is fantastic for a lot of reasons.

For one, Filmora goes way beyond what any basic video editing software does.

Filmora brings you a bunch of features and effects including filters and overlays, transitions, texts and titles, and so much more! (They added more than 300 effects in the latest version!)

Secondly, if you use Filmora, you won't have to pay an editor an ungodly amount of money to create a video when they "have the time".

I've been loving this deal so much, I finally got around to putting together all the footage from our Colorado trip a couple months ago and quickly made this with Filmora:

Celebrated Ayman's 30th birthday in Breckenridge, CO - we do it big!

With Filmora, the ease in which you can create professional-looking videos is unmatched.

Filmora offers tutorials that are guaranteed to clear up any confusion. (No expensive courses needed to use this software, pal!)

This is just one of the many effect sets you can make your own.

Believe it or not, there are some Sumo-lings that still have not grabbed this deal yet.

(I know, I'm shocked too.)

This deal comes with lifetime access to 5 business licenses (regularly $120/ea.) and one effects set of your choice (usually $30).

But for the next day or until codes run out, Sumo-lings can get access to all of this for just $49!

In addition, your lifetime access will afford you free upgrades.

The reasons to get this deal keep piling up!


You won't be getting any of that if you let the timer on this deal hit zero!


Get your 5 Filmora Business licenses right now!

P.S. When codes run out, the deal is over. Please do not contact AppSumo support nor Filmora - no exceptions will be made.

$49  $630

Starts In

Lifetime Access to 5 Filmora Video Editor Business Licenses

  • Picture in Picture (PIP) support, advanced text editing, green screen support, and more
  • 4K editing and export support
  • Free upgrades for life
  • 5 Business Licenses for either Mac or PC
  • One Effects Set of your choice worth $30
  • For commercial use (music tracks included)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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