$1500.00 Save 97%
22 Reviews
$1500.00 Save 97%
22 Reviews

We can all agree that spending hours searching for potential clients sucks.

That’s not even the end of the nightmare, though; you still have to add them to a CRM and set up campaigns to contact them!

You're most likely doing all of this on separate tools. Meaning a whole lotta copy/paste/export to CSV/cry yourself to sleep action.

But what if I told you, you can do all three things, easily, with one tool. Interested? I bet.

Meet FindThatLead.


Find emails and new customers with just a few clicks

Perform advanced searches based on tags (location, job position, etc.)

Send email campaigns (unlimited emails) from within FindThatLead

Use the SnapThatLead feature to scan and upload business cards by taking a picture

FindThatLead is a sales prospecting tool that lets you easily search, save, and contact potential customers.

FindThatLead is the perfect tool for freelancers, agencies, or anyone who needs to find new customers in just a few clicks!

Is it really that simple? Yes, Sumo-ling!

Here’s what you do:

  • Select a segment. Set as many different variables as you need to make your search more accurate.

  • Add segmentation info. After selecting the variables, type the info that the prospect you are looking for must match. Don't worry, you can add more than one option per variable.

  • Click and get prospects. Once the list is ready, review the results and decide if you’d like to generate their emails and start prospecting!

Lifetime Access to FindThatLead

As caveman simple as it is to find prospects using FTL, they also offer other easy ways to add your leads.

For example, you can use the SnapThatLead feature to scan and upload business cards by merely taking a picture! (Now, you’ll have more room in your wallet for Olive Garden coupons.)

And there’s also the Chrome extension you can utilize when you’re on someone’s LinkedIn or Twitter profile.

Once you get these emails, you can make sure they're legit with FindThatLead's advanced verification algorithm.

Lifetime Access to FindThatLead

This is where Sumo-lings are really going to go bananas.

Using the emails you just secured, you can send email campaigns. Yes, you can send email campaigns directly within FindThatLead!

FTL lets you toggle between two personal email addresses to send as many emails as you want. (Word to the wise: know your carrier’s send limit and don’t exceed it.)

Lifetime Access to FindThatLead

So, what does it cost to improve sales by using FindThatLead?

Well, normally, the unique AppSumo plan that FindThatLead put together for Sumo-lings would go for $1,500 a year.

This special plan includes:

  • 2000 credits per month (each request and action in the tool to find an email will use one credit)

  • 1 additional user

  • Prospector tool- run advanced search based on tags (location, job position, etc.)

  • Campaigns tool- send as many emails as you want directly from the system (you can import your leads directly from Prospector or upload your own lists)

  • SnapThatLead- scan and upload business cards by taking a picture

  • Google Chrome extension

  • Import CSV and Google Spreadsheet add-on

  • VIP Customer support

  • Access to all the new future updates and tools

Sumo-lings, you can get lifetime access to this exclusive plan for just $49!

Yes, a plan that should be $1,500 a year is only $49 for life!

Find your future customers now!

Lifetime Access to FindThatLead

Lifetime Access to FindThatLead

FindThatLead believes it’s better for you to have quality data and tools that you can actually use, rather than having a bunch of bogus emails.

That’s why they created the entire ecosystem for prospecting clients and reaching out to them directly without having to switch to another program.

Oh, and let’s not forget about that cool as heck SnapThatLead feature!

Lifetime Access to FindThatLead

We’ve all been there before, searching for emails one by one, then adding them to your CRM, and finally emailing them. And to say it’s a dreadful process is an understatement.

FindThatLead feels your pain and wants to make your prospecting life more manageable.

Get lifetime access to this multi-purpose prospecting tool for just $49!

Start using FindThatLead now!

Note: Although you can purchase as many codes as you like, you can't stack or merge within the same account. You need separate accounts for each code. 

$1500.00 Save 97%
22 Reviews
  • Lifetime Access to FindThatLead AppSumo Plan
  • 2000 credits every month forever
  • Prospector: Advanced search on dashboard to find emails based on tags (location, job position...)
  • User Management: Invite one additional user to your account
  • Import CSV + Google Spreadsheet Add-on
  • Google Chrome extension
  • SnapThatLead - scan and upload business card by taking a picture
  • Campaigns tool - Send emails from FTL
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Lifetime updates to plan
  • Codes CANNOT be stacked
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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