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Olman J
Olman J

October 9, 2017

Who knew Google Analytics could be this simple?

Businesses that understand who their customers are, and how they behave, are going to do better than those that don’t.

And, fortunately for your business, Google Analytics provides all that valuable information.

The problem is, Google Analytics can feel like a maze when you try to learn it on your own.

Which is exactly why we introduced you to Jeff Sauer, aka Jeffalytics, aka Jeff Sizzle, last week.

Just look what this Sumoling had to say:

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

Jeff’s Google Analytics Course dives deep to teach beginners, and even veterans, how Google Analytics works, how to use it to grow your business. Oh yeah, and it'll also prepare you to get the Google Analytics certification.

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

In this deal, you’ll have lifetime access to:

  • 33 HD information-packed videos teaching you how to master Google Analytics and start converting ASAP.

  • A private forum where you can consult with other Google Analytics masters. (Finally sit at the cool kids’ table.)

  • Monthly Expert Webinars that will teach you a new skill every month so that you’re always ahead of the curve.

  • 30 Days to Google Analytics Certification.

  • Lifetime updates to the course as the Analytics dashboard changes.

Usually, if you wanted this deal, you’d have to pay $497.

Now, if you can click the link below before these final hours are up, you can have lifetime access to this course for just $39!

Click here to beat the clock!

These Sumolings are scratching their head as to why you haven’t already bought this deal:

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

Learning how to understand all the data your website is collecting is crucial.

And that’s exactly what Jeff teaches you in this incredible course.

And while Google may have some free courses out there, they don't teach you how it applies to your business.

With this course, you’re getting professional guidance from one of the best in the business on everything from understanding visitors, to tracking results, to turning data points into conversions.

Once you complete the course, you’ll be able to make crazy improvements to all your marketing campaigns, giving you more traffic and conversions (#PowerMove).

This deal is phenomenal for anyone looking to grow a business or become more marketable as an advertiser or big data kingpin.

But, those interested in buying this deal better act fast because time is almost up!

Get your Google Analytics edumacation on for just $39 right here!

$39  $497

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course by Jeffalytics

  • Lifetime access to Analytics Course plus updates
  • 33 HD video lessons
  • 12 hours of Content
  • Private members-only forum
  • Monthly expert webinars
  • 30 Days to Google Analytics Certification
  • Bonus Materials: Putting Google Analytics Into Action
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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