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Section 0: Introduction

What You Learn:

  • get an inside look into how an industry leading analytics specialist sets up his analytics — so you know where your's needs to be
  • what is the impact of your marketing activities on your bottom line? See what the end-product looks like when you've properly set up Google Analytics
  • discover a paradoxical relationship between visits and revenue
  • how standard analytics falls short of giving you true insight
  • "how idiots track success" -- don't be an idiot

Section 1: Metrics That Matter

What You Learn:

  • the most important metrics to follow and what they mean
  • how to dig deeper and go beyond the default and ultimately uninsightful metrics
  • the #1 question you need to ask yourself to unlock analytics power
  • what am i trying to do with my website?

Section 2: Creating Your Goals

What You Learn:

  • the how-to, step-by-step, from login to final step, of creating your advanced, custom forms
  • watch as justin goes inside Google's own store to walk you through the example
  • the multi-step, complex process of setting up your goals
  • the simple, and sneaky mistake that even Andrew made that can really foul up your analytics data quality
  • the step by step process of creating a goal
  • learn how to organize and categorize your goals into goal sets so you're organized and save time
  • the key differences between google's goal types
  • how to properly identify and include goal URLs
  • a walk-through of the goals overview report
  • the distinction between transaction and non-transaction based goals -- so no matter what the purpose of your site is, google analytics can help you improve
  • look at conversion based on traffic source in order to see what marketing campaigns are actually paying off
  • how to drill down into your traffic sources report
  • learn which cities get the most conversion in the Map Overlay Report
  • the most important thing to be thinking about: how to take the data and get to a high-level analysis of your business goals
  • how to set up a good mix of goals in order to get a full picture view of your site's performance

Section 3: Creating A Funnel

What You Learn:

  • how to set up, step by step, a conversion funnel
  • And creating the funnel visualization report
  • how to then navigate and access the data your funnel represents to get key insights into where your conversion process is broken -- meaning you're losing customers
  • pinpoint where in your site's process you may be losing customers
  • why focussing on the very last 1 or 2 clicks will save you thousands of dollars and time and energy
  • how to identify and include your URLs
  • a critical mistake to avoid when setting up your conversion funnel
  • how to take advantage of the funnel visualization report
  • how to read your funnel visualization report
  • recover lost customers who bail on you just 1 or 2 clicks away
  • a/b testing is great, but you need to know WHERE to apply it
  • why it pays so much to focus on the "bottom" of your funnel -- and how it can skyrocket your results
  • additional resources to assist with a/b testing -- letting your customers tell you what they want

Section 4: Create Your Campaigns

What You Learn:

  • really making google analytics run -- how to use it to understand traffic sources and build effective partners
  • and in-depth overview of the traffic sources
  • the three buckets that your traffic fits into, and how they impact your business
  • how to drill deep into your referring sites and find out -- to the exact page -- who is sending you traffic
  • make powerful new discoveries about profitable market segments you may not know about
  • how to get instant insight into your paid search/adwords campaign -- so you can focus on what works and cut what doesn't
  • how to set up, step-by-step, your marketing campaign tracking
  • "link tagging" -- what it is and how it helps you track your marketing activities
  • how to modify your links, with live examples, to get the most out of data -- to ensure you greater insight later on
  • find out if your market is more responsive to certain types of communication
  • how to read campaign reports and drill down deep to see which campaigns convert for you
  • how to sort and enter "other dimensions" of your analytics data to get exciting new insights
  • analytics nirvana -- it does exist, and we show you how to get there
  • "the sexiest metric alive" -- how to wed your customizations to bounce rate and spot trouble areas

Section 5: Power Of Site Search

What You Learn:

  • how to understand what "usage" of site search means for your site and how your customers behave
  • can site search impact the bottom line?
  • the simple principle behind the fact that people who use site search on your site convert at a higher rate
  • an off-the-wall example
  • no need to use a "google" search functionality on your site -- works with other search providers as well site search terms -- and how they help you read your customer's mind -- AND identify untapped profit centers
  • how site search and determine your sites design and navigation
  • makes the entire program valuable -- because you get instant clairvoyance into what people are actively looking to buy
  • two-second process of setting up, step-by-step site search tracking so you can take advantage of this powerful aspect of analytics

Section 6: Benchmarking

What You Learn:

  • one of the most important aspects of analytics
  • competitive intelligence that enables you to compare your site's performance to your industry and drill down into subcategories
  • how to read your benchmarking reports, and then use these insights to find more traffic, improve your engagement, or make new discoveries you hadn't thought of
  • what google shares with apple -- and how power users benefit

Section 7: Build Custom Reports

What You Learn:

  • step-by-step instructions on creating a custom report so you can get just what you want and no fluff
  • BE LAZY -- automate its delivery so you never even have to log in to analytics -- instead get your valuable data emailed to you while you sleep
  • "not set" and what it means in your custom reporting as it relates to campaign revenue
  • how to due date comparisons to see how your data is changing day to day, week to week, and month to month

Section 8: Conclusion And Next Steps

What You Learn:

  • the first step you must take to get started
  • the second step you need to take to leverage the power of google analytics
  • conclusion and wrap up

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