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I was embarrassed ...

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

October 12, 2015

Get promoted, land your dream job, and go from Excel Novice to Excel Ninja for only $99

So I used to work at Microsoft and after one year there, I went into my first performance review.

I thought I was kicking ass. I was doing everything asked of me, putting in 70 hour weeks, and was even coming in on the weekends. I was sure I was going to walk home with a good review.

Instead I received the disappointing rating of "Average." I was meeting all of my goals, but wasn't really excelling above my very capable peers. I was bummed.

So I reached out to a really sharp coworker.

James was barely at the office, always seemed to be joking around and goofing off, and yet he consistently got killer results, was always up for promotions, and had an incredible reputation for making things happen.

So I took James out to lunch and asked him "What's your secret?" He told me something that was both basic and profound: "Do your job."

Being in finance, I immediately enrolled in an online course on Excel and within a few short months, I had cut my hours in half, was producing twice the results, and quickly became the go-to Excel expert on my team.

I was honestly embarrassed that I put Excel on my resume after realizing how little I knew.

Within 6 months of my "Average" rating, I was promoted. I owe my promotion entirely to my Excel training.

Today, we want to give you that same opportunity. We scanned far and wide for a killer Excel course and luckily today we found one.

GoSkills Excel Course is one of the top rated Excel courses on the market.

Taught by Microsoft MVP, Ken Puls, this course takes you from Absolute Beginner all the way to Advanced Excel ninja. With HD videos, transcripts, and downloadable example files - following along is incredibly easy.

Just check out a video sample on Pivot Tables here:

Amazing, right!? You too will be able to perform this black magic at the end of the course.

The entire program is broken down into 3 different courses:

  • Microsoft Excel Basic (reg $199 per YEAR)
  • Microsoft Excel Advanced (reg $199 per YEAR)
  • Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables (reg $99 per YEAR)

Today, in this AppSumo exclusive we got you LIFETIME access to all 3 courses for only $99!

Click here to learn Excel and become recession-proof today.

This course is perfect for anybody looking to land a dream job, get promoted, or 10x the productivity of their employees. And with a 5 star rating (37,000+ students), you'll be hard-pressed to find a better course:

Click here to become an Excel Ninja for $25

If you tried to get these courses on your own, it would cost you over $200+ per YEAR. Even if you only use it for 3 years, this would easily cost you over $600+

Instead, in this AppSumo exclusive you get LIFETIME access for only $99!

That's right, $99 once and you never have to worry about another pesky payment again.

Click here to get access now and become an Excel Ninja this week!

P.S. This deal ends next week. Don't miss your opportunity to uplevel of your skills with one of the best Excel courses on the market.

Update: due to popular demand, we brought this course back at $99. This page has been updated to reflect that.

$99  $600

Starts In

Lifetime Access to GoSkills Excel Courses

  • Lifetime Access to GoSkills Excel Courses.
  • Access to Excel Basic.
  • Access to Excel Advanced.
  • Access to Excel Pivot Tables Novice to Ninja.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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