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Last chance to Halloween-ify your website

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

October 31, 2014

Add trick-or-treating to your site in only 37 seconds

Happy Halloween sumo-lings!

Have you Halloween-ified your site yet?

If not ... now's your last chance.

With Trick or Treat by SumoMe, you can let your visitors trick or treat right on your site.

Click here to install Trick or Treat in less than 37 seconds.

It's a fun way to:

  • Make your website visitors happy
  • Drive your site viral traffic as people share your treats through social media
  • Add some personality to your site

Just imagine your visitors smiling as they see these treats:

Check out this babe #TrickOrTreatOnline

8 inches of vitamins #TrickOrTreatOnline

Sucky proposal #TrickOrTreatOnline

What are you waiting for?

Install Trick or Treat now and Halloween-ify your site!


Starts In

Trick or Treat (SumoMe App)

  • Let your website visitors trick or treat on your website.
  • See how many people trick or treated at your site.
  • Change the look and feel of your door.
  • Customize which treats your visitors can get.

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