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Black Friday Deal 5 of 12: HitTail

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

November 23, 2012

Climb HitTail’s ladder to the top of Google searches!

Black Friday Deal #5: View the rest of the Black Friday schedule here

HitTail is a real-time SEO analytics tool...but it’s like NOTHING else.


Because with HitTail:

1. You get an algorithmic tool that sorts through 1.2 BILLION keywords - giving you assurance your data is the cream of the crop.

2. You get list updates every 30 seconds on what words drive traffic to your page - giving you IMMEDIATE feedback on SEO ranking.

3. You get a REFINED short list of your most effective keywords - saving you the pain of sifting through hundreds of words.

4. You get a list of the REFERRAL SITES of your traffic - allowing you to see where your traffic is actually coming from.

5. You get to exploit underrated long-tail keywords - drawing more SPECIFIC traffic to your page.

6. You get emails on SUGGESTED KEYWORDS - helping you to adapt to future SEO trends.

7. And you can even export your data to Microsoft Excel!

“...ok well...the set-up must be tedious...”

You set up in three steps. First is your email, password, and URL. Next is your billing information. The last step is putting a metric code into your template.

BAM - HitTail is working for your website.

“...Ok...but how easy is it to USE the tool...”

The tool is even easier than the set-up. You can literally use every feature in 5 clicks. And the most work you’ll do is reading a pleasant horizontal bar graph or opening an email. It’s that simple.

Regularly, we sell a year of HitTail's Pro Plan for $89. But for this Black Friday special, we are knocking it all the way down to $49 (that's 80% off the retail $239.40 per year)

Get this now and master your site's SEO.

$49  $239.40

Starts In

One year of the HitTail Pro Plan

  • New customers and existing non-paying customers only
  • For sites with up to 10,000 monthly unique visitors
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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