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Drive organic search traffic to your website with HitTail

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

November 29, 2013

Get this awesome SEO tool for only $49 and drive more traffic and customers to your site

Okay, so you have a site and know that people want your product/services, now you just need to find customers.

You can either spend a ton of money and time monitoring and managing online ads ...

Or you can get free and targeted organic search traffic and let the customers flood in.

You: "That sounds too easy, how the hell do I make that happen?

SEO, my friend. With a high ranking on Google, you'll get more free organic search traffic … and more money.

Yeah, I know. You've heard that dumb SEO term so many times. There are tons of courses and crap about SEO, but there's one thing people are missing ...

Most people (except the smart SEO pros) have no idea about one of the most important ways to increase their organic search traffic.

And that key is … long tail SEO.

“Okay Anton, stop trying to act cool by throwing out fancy phrases, what does that even mean?”

With long tail SEO, the focus is on specific keyword phrases usually a couple or more words in length.

Okay, so if I had a piano business and was a noob in SEO, I'd try and rank high in broad keywords like "piano" and "piano lessons".

Keywords like that have tons of competition and it’s incredibly hard to rank higher in search engines by focusing on those keywords.

But, I'm forgetting something very very important ... and those are the long-tail keywords.

For me, those are specific search keywords like:

  • "jazz piano lessons in austin"
  • "learn elton john piano songs austin"
  • "college student piano lessons cheap"

Long-tail keywords are much less competitive and by focusing on them, you target 70% of search traffic that most people ignore.

I could spend hours upon hours searching for long-tail keywords and making long excel spreadsheets, or I could use ...

HitTail, a real-time analytics tool that helps you drive targeted search visitors to your website by focusing on the most promising organic keywords in your existing traffic.

So if you were selling beach towels, here's just a sample of the info HitTail would show you:

HitTail Preview

With HitTail, you get:

  • An algorithmic tool that sorts through 1.3 billion keywords - giving you assurance your data is the cream of the crop.
  • List updates every 30 seconds on what words drive traffic to your page - giving you immediate feedback on your SEO ranking.
  • A refined short list of your most effective keywords - saving you the pain of sifting through hundreds of words.

Normally, other overly-complicated SEO tools cost around $99/month.

HitTail’s most-popular Pro Plan is only $19.95/month, or $240 a year. This plan lets you collect data on 10,000 visitors per month.

For this Black Friday, you can get a whole year of HitTail’s Most-Popular Plan … for only $49 (that’s over 80% off).

In other words, you get data on 120,000 visitors, for only $49. Crazy, I know.

You have until tonight at midnight CST to get this deal. Don't miss out!

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  • Prey: Track your computer in case it's ever stolen - only $39

FREE  $239.40

Starts In

One year of HitTail's Most Popular Plan

  • New customers, existing non-paying customers (trial users) ONLY.
  • Data on 10,000 monthly unique visitors per month.
  • Real-time keyword data reporting.

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