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Last chance on HitTail ... and the winner of the flight to anywhere in the world

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

March 27, 2013

See where the contest winner is heading and don’t miss your chance to grab this deal on HitTail!

On Monday, I told y’all about how I’m going to Kauai for vacation ... while still growing my piano business at the same time.


By using HitTail, a real-time SEO tool, which helps me rank higher on Google.

A high ranking on Google makes it easier for new customers to find me. And more customers means ... more money.

HitTail helps you rank higher on Google by focusing on something most people (except the smart SEO pros) have no idea about.

And that is … long tail SEO.

With long tail SEO, the focus is on specific keyword phrases usually a couple or more words in length.

So say you’re a freelance designer ...

Most freelancers who don’t know any better try to rank high in broad keywords like “design” or “design website”.

Keywords like that have tons of competition and it’s incredibly hard to rank higher in search engines by focusing on those keywords.

Instead, by having long tail keywords like “flat design website contract” or “fast freelancer design job” on your website, you target 70% of search traffic that most people ignore.

I could spend hours upon hours researching long tail keywords and making long excel sheets, but HitTail does everything for me :-)

With HitTail, you get:

  • An algorithmic tool that sorts through 1.3 billion keywords - giving you assurance your data is the cream of the crop.
  • List updates every 30 seconds on what words drive traffic to your page - giving you immediate feedback on your SEO ranking.
  • A refined short list of your most effective keywords - saving you the pain of sifting through hundreds of words.

Regularly, a year of HitTail’s most popular plan (which lets you collect data on 10,000 visitors per month) is $240 per year.

Until tonight at midnight CST, you can get a whole year of HitTail’s Most-Popular Plan for only $49 (that’s over 80% off).

In my last email, I promised we would pick one random commenter and fly them anywhere in the world.

Well, while I’m lounging in Kauai, lucky sumo-ling Joe Manier will be relaxing in Antigua with a dog like this:

Joe on the beach

Luckily, Joe bought HitTail so his design business will be growing while he’s relaxing on the beach with some piña coladas.

Been wanting to go on vacation? Treat yo self! And don’t miss out on this HitTail deal before it's gone tomorrow.

$49  $239.40

Starts In

One year of HitTail's Most Popular Plan

  • New customers, existing non-paying customers (trial users) ONLY.
  • Data on 10,000 monthly unique visitors per month.
  • Real-time keyword data reporting.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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