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How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan

February 4, 2013

The system to start your business and make your first real dollar

Over the years I've spent $150,000 and at least 1.5 years of my life on businesses that have failed.

Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be an expert. Well, I guess you can call me Dr. Fail.

I know what it feels like to fail (I even got fired from Facebook!) and struggle when something you really want to work just isn't happening. Starting a business can be scary, especially if you aren't sure of the steps.

Fortunately, I've been able to repeatedly create multi-million dollar businesses. Not trying to brag but show you there are ways to systematically create a successful business.

It's so much easier in elementary school when they have a book that shows you 1+1 = 2. I wish I had that when starting my businesses to save me a bunch of time and money.

After giving speeches across the country to thousands of "wantrepreneurs" — and working with them, I've been shocked at how much fear there is to start a business:

  • Fear of the business actually working
  • Fear of their friends and family seeing the business fail
  • The challenge of trying to do a side business when a person has a full-time job, a family, debt, bills and not a lot of extra time
  • Fear of not really knowing what to do or where to go for help

Don't trip, you'll be explaining at your next dinner party how your business is now kicking-ass :)

So many wantrepreneurs (want to be entrepreneurs) are missing the motivation, but even more are missing the blueprint.

Let me share one quick tip with you: Parkinson's law aka Time-Limitations. A pro-tip to validating your business idea (seeing if people actually want it) is to limit the time you have to start your business.

Instead of allowing months and excuses, come up with 1 way to validate a Chinese Restaurant in the next 10 minutes. What would you do? I'll wait….

Welcome back. How'd that go?

If you were stumped, you could have: emailed 15 friends inviting them over to eat Chinese food at your place. Give them your Paypal email address and made the Chinese food yourself. #done

This is not a late night info-email that claims we'll help you get the Ferrari (I drive a scooter) or big apartment (my rent is only $1,400).

I will show you exact ways to find your idea, validate your business, and get your first dollar/customer.

But Noah, why are you only helping me make $1? I want to make $10,000 / month.

I know you do, and we'll eventually get you more than that. But that future fantasy is partially what's holding you back. You will learn the fundamentals so you can then grow to a larger size business, but the foundation is the most important.

The question to ask yourself is WHY do you want your own business or a side business?

Be honest. Are you committed to spending at least 3 months on hard work? That's how long we expect you to take until you really succeed.

The kind of businesses that can get started with my system: eCommerce, digital products, consulting services, some physical products (like toothbrushes), stores (like restaurants) and content businesses.

This is for you IF:

  • You've had some success but nothing is sticking.
  • You make excuses about your designer, developer or still "researching" on the business.
  • You have bought some products to learn how to start a business but are still in the same place.
  • You can't figure out an idea that real people will give you money for.

I've put together the system from all my successes (2 multi-million dollar businesses), failures (read above) and seeing what actually gets results with the wantrepreneurs I've been slaying off for the past 2 years:

  1. How to create your list of 15 business ideas. I know you are waiting for the "golden bullet," and it won't ever magically arrive. We'll go step by step exploring different ideas that you'll be excited to do. I don't teach opportunistic business, you're welcome to go Google search, "get rich quick" if you want those.
  2. Totem pole testing. Validating whether a real customer will give you money. This is simple, we don't wait for setting up landing pages, buying ads or hope things happen. This is working with you in the cheapest and quickest way possible seeing if your business is legit. If not, great; we can move you on quicker to something people actually want. No fluff included.
  3. Velocity to $1. A KEY piece of success in starting your business is momentum. The feeling of getting your first dollar changes everything. Imagine it ... We are going to literally find your first customer and get that $1 in your hands before the course is up. If you follow the system and don't make AT LEAST $1 by the end then we'll refund everything – no questions asked.
  4. Accountability. I was SHOCKED how so many people needed accountability in accomplishing their business. We've custom built methods that will help you stay on track when times get tough.
  5. 7 days of failure. I am going to ensure you fail. This will help you realize it isn't so bad, and help you get comfortable when things don't work out -- and what you can learn from it.
  6. Case Studies of success and failure. I don't want you to get addicted to learning, I want you to get addicted to running your own business. However, I've found it very effective for learning to see what's working and what's not.

A few days ago I got this message from a wantrepreneur I've been helping:

[11/23/12 9:31:53 PM] Aaron W: JUST SOLD MY FIRST POSTER!!!

[11/23/12 9:31:58 PM] Aaron W: YAYAYAY

[11/23/12 9:32:14 PM] Aaron W: Literally just happened

Imagine how he feels. I know. It was awesome to receive that from him. I can't promise I'll cure all your problems but we'll go over the scripts, systems and formula to get that reaction from you. Nothing makes me happier than when I get an email saying a student of mine made their first $1 -- or even more.

So what actually happens during the course?

  1. 30 minutes a day. You'll have assignments all helping you gain momentum on your business.
  2. Access to a proprietary online web tool to help make sure you are on track.
  3. No time-limit - This course isn't timed nor does it have a time-sensitive agenda. Don't mistake that as,"Oh I can wait to validate my idea in a month!" Yeah, no. This just means if something comes up (family matters, natural disasters, job obligations) you can pause and come back. And yes overachievers, you can go at your own pace if you don't want to wait 3 months.
  4. A learning style for each person. If you prefer reading, watching videos or listening we'll have all options available. You will also have questions to answer each week to keep you moving along.
  5. Sumo Support - 10 hours a day, 5 days a week for the whole course, you're our priority. (My normal hourly rate is minimum $1,000.) Basically, you can email us anytime you need encouragement, help validating your ideas, answer your questions or just a funny joke to brighten your day. Other people can email us but we'll love you more. Note: this does not mean we'll build the business for you :)
  6. Access to the online wantrepreneur community - You'll have exclusive 24/7 access to other students who are also in the course. This private Facebook group is for you to share successes, war stories and post cute cat photos. From what we've seen, this has been one of the the most valuable features of this product.

Here's the course layout::

Phase 1: Finding the "golden" idea.

  • Part 1: Making your first $1 right now
  • Part 2: Hey, Ho, Let's start
  • Part 3: 7 days of Failure
  • Part 4: Panning for idea gold
  • Part 5: Narrow that sucka down (refining your ideas)
  • Bonus: Noah is afraid

Phase 2: Validation - Totem Pole Testing

  • Part 1: Totem pole time
  • Part 2: Narrow that sucka down (refining your ideas)
  • Part 3: A Crap ton of real validations
  • Part 4: Noah's live example of making $100 in < 1 hour
  • Part 5: Are we there yet?

Phase 3: Getting to $1000+

  • Part 1: Whatcha you want?
  • Part 2: Walking to running
  • Part 3: $0 Marketing (25 ways to grow your business to $1,000)
  • Part 4: The Last Frontier

Here's a video preview of what you're getting into:

Look good? I know, it's only taken 10 years (and a LOT of failure) to put all this together.

If you were to spend a little more than $3/day and 3 months on this course, then it'd be priced at $300. The following reasons are the justification behind the number:

  1. I want you to invest in yourself. When you commit money to something you'll prioritize it and actually get results vs. reading ebooks, blog posts, etc. If you think you can do it yourself, all good. If you've tried and it's still not working, maybe it is time to invest.
  2. When you create your actual business, $300 is a small amount compared to the profits you should be making.
  3. Did you buy lunch today? Yes, I know it cost you more than $3. My uncle said that "it's not that certain items are too expensive, you just have other priorities." If you want to make your first $1 (and much more) and finally have a lifestyle that's been eluding you then you are in the right place.

Frequently Annoying Questions that Wantrepreneurs Ask:

  1. But how do I scale?: Never say the S-word to me again. The point is not scale, it is verifying people want and will pay you money for your business. We can discuss scale way way later.

  2. I can't think of a good idea : (: Yawn. That is a total lie. Take 3 minutes right now to think about your morning. What was 1 thing that you didn't like? Let's say its your alarm or your breakfast. …You improving those IS a business.

  3. Can you hook me up Noah? I can't afford this.: No. You aren't ready for this system. This is for people who:

    • Have tried at least to start a business and failed.
    • Are open-minded to exploring a new method.
    • Aren't desperate or dead-broke in creating their own business.

If you're truly committed and serious about this, click Buy Now and we'll get started.

Starts In

How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business Monthly Plan

  • Interactive assignments teaching you everything from failure to validating your business.
  • Access to a proprietary online web tool to help make sure you are on track.
  • Access to the online wantrepreneur community.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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