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Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

May 16, 2013

Come to Seattle with us this summer to start or grow your own business

We’re helping over a thousand people take the first steps in starting their own business with our How To Make Your First Dollar course.

Here’s what just one of the students said about the course:

Buy this if you're willing to start a business no matter what.

I have no complaints so far and it's getting me out of my comfort zone every single day. This course helps you build up all the skills you need to start a business and get through your fears as well as mental blockers.

- Rafael Oshiro

It’s too hot this summer to work with all the students while in Austin so Chief Sumo figured we should work from the great city of Seattle.

So we rented a mansion, hired a private chef, invited some close friends (founder of a billion dollar company, health expert, psychology expert and more) and stocked the house with ... libations ;-)

Then we thought ... why not invite ALL of you to come work at the house and get help from the whole Sumo team to work with you on your business?

That includes: 2 bad ass developers, the guy who designed the site you’re looking at, 1 Customer Happiness Sumo, 1 Biz-Dev Sumo and Chief Sumo (#30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint.com) to advise you on starting or growing your biz.

AppSumo Team

We can do anything!

Unfortunately, we can’t have all 650,000+ of you at the house in Seattle. But...

There’s room for 10 of you to join us.

Here’s the mansion you’ll stay in:

Seattle Mansion

Only a couple blocks from Bill Gates’ house!

We’ll have an exclusive private chef cooking us breakfast, lunch, and tons of amazing tacos.

Exclusive Private Chef

She's worked with Jean Gorges and Rick Bayless.

And you’ll be having a ridiculous amount of fun with the entire Sumo crew.

Normally, Noah alone charges $1,000 an hour to work with people ... but you can get access to him, the whole AppSumo team, and special mentors for the entire week.

Lives will be forever changed this week.

It’s $2,500 to join us. This is first come, first serve.

Let’s breakdown what the week is worth to you:

  • Libations for a week: $250
  • Meals cooked by a private chef: $500
  • 5 nights in a huge mansion: $4,000
  • Access to a designer, sales and development experts: $15,000
  • 1 week consultation with Noah: He doesn't normally do this
  • Great weather, improving your business and fun: Priceless

Total retail value: $25,000+

Not only that, but think about what you can accomplish in a week surrounded by experts.

We'll help you come up with ideas, validate those ideas, and start or grow your own business.

Dates: July 8-13th, 2013

You have to cover your flight and transportation to the house. We’ll cover the rest.

What are you doing this summer?


Starts In

How To Make Your First Dollar Seattle Getaway

  • 5-day stay for one at the AppSumo Seattle mansion.
  • Mentorship from the entire AppSumo team and surprise special guests.
  • Food and drinks for all 5 days from private chef.
  • This offer is non-refundable.

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