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Learn to find the right idea and start a profitable business you’ll enjoy without spending more money. How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business is interactive and designed for action.

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Making A Digital Product
Bryan's Experience

I've been an entrepreneur since age 7. I have started more businesses than I can count. There have been some really bad ones along the way. First it was a baseball stand that my brother and I ran out of our bedroom window. That one ended in us getting scammed by the kid that lived at the end of our street. Then there was the consignement car lot that I started in the summer of 2009. It was promptly shut down by the city zoning department. I've spent thousands of hours failing at business, I'm a pro.

Then I took Monthly1K and that changed. The one element of business that I had missed was immediately evident. I had read every business book on the shelf and not a single one talked about the key thing that I was missing.

Do you know what an 'AHA! Moment" is? If you've ever had one, you know the feeling. I've only had a few in my life but one of them occurred in early 2013 when Noah taught me how to validate a business before starting it. I'm convinced that it is the most essential skill to starting a business. So many years were wasted simply because I never validated my ideas before starting.

Had I validated my car lot idea mentioned above I would have found out that 2009 was the absolute worst time in my life to try to sell cars. The economy was in the tank and no one had money to buy anything, much less a new car. This cost me 6 months and over $8,000.

After taking Monthly1K I validated my animated videos idea and it exploded. Just a few months later I have over $20,000 in sales.

You'll get step-by-step instructions on a myriad of strategies for validating a business, and lots of case studies to boot (including Noah's disc golf experiment).

Learn How To Make A Digital Product

Can't say we didn't warn you

This course is interactive. If you are expecting to just watch videos and not do real work this course won’t be for you. If your business is failing and you want this course to magically solve that, it can’t.

Phase 1

Your golden idea

You've probably had an idea you've been holding onto but it isn't that great, and that's why things aren't working. Right? Or maybe you can’t seem to think of any good ideas?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Whether you have too many ideas, or no ideas at all, we'll teach you 6 methods to generate at least 11 ideas that solve real problems. After you build your arsenal, we'll help you narrow the ideas down to the one you find most profitable and fun.

In order to make sure you're most successful, we'll put you through our entrepreneurial bootcamp called the Failure Olympics. You'll experience business mind-shifts and develop skills that'll make you unstoppable. Our students have told us this alone is worth the price of the course.

Taking a leap
Gregg's Story

I am a songwriter and my passion has always been creating something never before heard by mankind. I've always wanted to make a living selling my recordings and performing. But after years of busted tour vans and bean burritos, I decided there was no way to live the lifestyle I wanted and be a full-time singer/songwriter. The lure of earning enough to live "comfortably" by working for someone else had me stuck trudging through the day in a grey cubicle.

Make a $1,000 a Month Business course put me back on-track and now the motivation is there to deliver a new album to my existing fans which, based on my current download data, should be between 1000 and 2000 people. I expect to make anywhere from 5 to 10K rather quickly with ongoing revenue coming in as I build up the marketing machine.

The most important thing I have extracted from this course, however, is not a specific technique or strategy, but rather fundamental changes in the way I approach my daily routine.

Find Your Golden Idea

Phase 2

Validating your idea

The best part about How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business course is that we don't lecture students. Instead, we make you take action and implement everything we teach.

You'll learn the best ways to validate (see whether or not people will pay you) using minimal time and no money. And you'll do this all in person. If you’re ever stuck or need accountability, our team is here to guide you.

A huge part of validation is identifying your customer's "totem pole" problem. The totem pole helps determine how important your solution is to your customer. We'll help you identify where you stand on your customer's totem pole and how to get on top.

You'll see a crap ton of real businesses validations and how their initial ideas, using these same techniques, turned into profitable businesses. You’ll also get access to our member’s only entrepreneur group to help you brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and pursue potential customers. By the end of this section, you'll have successfully validated an idea and have a business.

Solid validation
Gary's Story

This course has taught me that I don’t need to create a landing page, a prototype, technical skills, CRM, business plans or any other nonsense that is common wisdom. All I need is to find out what someone wants and is willing to pay for. That seem obvious in retrospect but I have gone through other courses and all they talk about is the technical nonsense that just drags you down. Before you know it your spending the next 3 days evaluating which CRM is best for your “business” before you even have 1 freakin sale. If more people use the strategies in Monthly1K the economy as a whole would be better off

I validated my business by searching people in the groups and showing them a mockup that I created in Photoshop. I tried a bunch of different ways but the most effective way I found was by making it easy for people to say YES! So pricing the mockup super low to just get a customer. Once you have a customer they will give you FEEDBACK. Which is the real value you want. You want to listen to the idea of people who have paid you and ignore people who haven’t.

I don’t think I would have come up with this idea and validated it if it wasn’t for the course. Even if I did validate it. It would have taken me way more time to get it done. Because I would have gone the route of building something before I even knew what I should build. I had a friend who built a CRM and invoicing system for DOG WALKERS. He spent 6 months doing that. I used the techniques I learned in this course and in one week we quickly figured out that nobody wants this pile of "doo doo."

So I taught him the strategies from this course and in one week we had 5 pre-orders for his new idea. That’s the difference between an amateur and a professional.

Find Your Golden Idea

Phase 3

Getting To $1,000

After guiding you through getting your first batch of customers we'll walk you through no-cost marketing tactics to grow your business.

The most common question after this entrepreneur bootcamp is, "where do I go now?"

Time to register your LLC and get business cards, right? NOPE. These are added distractions you don't need while your business is just learning how to fly on its own. You'll learn to be aware of and avoid these common "playing business" pitfalls and focus on what really matters: getting more customers.

Earning that first $1,000 is just the beginning. The techniques we give you can be recycled to get you $1,000+ in monthly recurring revenue and beyond.

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The 'AHA' moment
Dave's Story

I was coming off a pretty gut-wrenching business failure when AppSumo launched the Monthly 1K course. I'd just seen six months of my life go up in smoke when a competitor beat me to market with an app that not only contained all my secret sauce (even the stuff I never told anyone about), but even had the same name. And it was all my fault. I'm a writer, not a programmer, and my fear of partnering with a developer and giving up fifty percent of my profits earned me one hundred percent of a giant goose egg.

I signed up for the course looking for a new direction in business, and to figure out how to break the cycle of Wantrepreneurism. As I went through the course and learned more about the validation methods, it occurred to me that I already had a validated business idea sitting in my top desk drawer for the past couple of years. I had an e-book 90% written which I'd already validated two and a half years earlier with a survey which resulted in 250 respondents saying they would "definitely" or "probably" buy it if it were priced between $10-$20.

I emailed Noah Kagan to see what he thought I should do and he pretty much flipped out.

"You have a book that 250 people told you they wanted to buy and you haven't sold it to them yet? Bro, come on."

So he suggested that I sell the book as-is to see if there was still any demand. I chose 25 names at random from my previous validation and sent them an email offering them the opportunity to help me edit the book for $5, which would get them the finished product for free. I would consider three takers a valid idea. I got six sales! And that was six out of twenty-five email addresses over two years old.

They were enormously helpful. Thanks to their suggestions, I completely re-structured the book and made it ten times better. After our initial review, I sent it out for professional editing and what came back was something you'd find on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. Needless to say I was pretty excited. "The Best of Braverman" was finally a reality.

I didn't really know what to expect, so you can imagine my surprise when sales passed the $1,000 mark in the first 24 hours after launch. I was blown away. Then the reviews started coming in and people loved the book. I think that means even more to me than the money, and here's why:

The reason the Monthly 1K course was so clutch for me wasn't all the great stuff about validation (and believe me, it is great stuff and absolutely critical to getting money rolling in). What really made the difference for me was all the stuff about overcoming your fears and getting out of your own way. I never realized how big a role fear played in my constant procrastination, both fear of failure and fear of success. What if the book doesn't sell? What if it does? Helping me overcome the mental hurdles I'd placed in front of my success is what really made the difference.

That's why I can't recommend the Monthly 1K course enough. Sure, I more than tripled my investment in the course on Day One, but that's not the important thing. The way the course is laid out together with the access to guys like Noah and the other sumos (they are very hands-on, believe me) is the real reason you should pull the trigger if you're on the fence about the course. I didn't even realize what was holding me back before taking the course, and I had a five (and maybe even six) figure product sitting in my top desk drawer.

Everyone's business idea is different, and everyone has different obstacles to overcome. Very rarely do you find a blueprint for making a business a reality so quickly. Will some of it be uncomfortable? Absolutely. But it is so worth it. As a serial wantrepreneur who bought course after course after course, I can say unequivocally that this is the last course you'll need to buy if what you really want is an income generating business.

Find Your Golden Idea

60 Days to a $1,000/month

How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business teaches you the fundamental skills required to validate and grow a business. If you put in the time, we guarantee your business will bring you $1,000 a month.

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Personalized Support

A self-guided course can only teach you so much and that’s why we are here to here to personally answer all of your questions.


It's hard to be an entrepreneur by yourself. Luckily, you have access to access to our private entrepreneur group filled with thousands of members. The group is an excellent resource to get instant feedback from successful members and to learn from others.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for checking in. I could tell about the many things that have been happening, but those would just be excuses.

Thanks for keeping me on track!!

You guys are awesome!


Quotes on Accountability, Expertise, and 'Different'

Robert Monti

The AppSumo folks don't hesitate to ping you when they see you taking too long to progress. I found this annoying at first, but I began to see how momentum killers make life far more difficult and less productive than it needs to be.

Jesse Rude

I learned why I shouldn't just build something and hope someone buys it, instead I should validate my ideas first so I don't lose money. So I went back to the people I wanted to serve, gave them a few specs, and within 7 hours I had 5 paying customers without having built anything!

Jared Elrod

I went from being fired with no idea of what to do next. To landing my first client that allowed me to pay my rent, to now having the confidence to grow my business and am on my way to the life I have dreamed about for years.

Motivation can
strike at any time

Take How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business with you on your phone or tablet. Building a business often happens away from the computer.

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Kerrison's Story

Before beginning the course I struggled to think of decent business ideas. With the methods shown in the course I was able to think of 35+ ideas, some of which weren't that great, but a few were good.

I struggled through the validation phase. I went through 5 ideas and failed to validated each of them. However, I was persistent and the idea that ended up passing the validation phase was a homemade taco delivery business. The tacos are made from scratch; including the tortillas and filling, which then get delivered straight to the customer's door.

Through all the challenges faced in the Failure Olympics, I felt as though it was an important stage for me throughout the course because I became more confident in myself and I wasn't afraid to put myself out there.

The course helped keep me on track and in the right direction by simplifying the whole process and making me feel accountable. I now have a business that's is growing and is on track to making more money.

Find Your Golden Idea

Money an issue?

For only $2.30/day, you can invest in yourself and have access forever. This is a fraction of other courses which can cost up to $3,000. You can't afford to cheat yourself the lifestyle you want NOW.

The 60-Day Challenge

If you can commit just 30 minutes a day to How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business, you can complete our 60-Day Challenge. If you can't find the time, we strongly encourage you to try other books and courses and blame them for your laziness.

Join the neighborhood.

Gain lifetime access to our exclusive How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business community. The community alone is worth the price because every member is a great connection and potential friend. You'll never be alone.

This is an amazing place to find your first customers and to seek advice. You'll be with so many great people at your fingertips.

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A note from Noah Kagan

If you were going to tell a friend to start a business, where would you tell them to go? I'm sure you can recommend a book or buy some crappy online course. But what if you really wanted to guarantee results?


I wondered that myself.

After 10 years of my failures (wasted 1.5 years and losing $150,000+) and successes (#30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint.com and creating 2 multi-million dollar businesses), I learned certain patterns that make a successful business.

So the Appsumo team and I created this software that shows how to create a profitable business.

But, we realized that people need more than just the blueprint.

Here's an example.

I was working out recently and was going to stop at 8 reps of shoulder presses. Fortunately, my best friend Johnross was there and he pushed me to get 10.

NO JR, I can't!

He persisted and I got to 10.

It dawned on me that's what we are doing with this product - pushing you towards new accomplishments and "sitting" right next to you to help you get it done.

The real question is what do you want?

If you want to start a business I promise you the AppSumo team and I will personally help you get there.

Ps. Yes, I'm serious about this and NO I don't need your money. If you are in debt or want some get rich quick scheme, this is not for you. BUT if you are willing to do some work at your pace then we are available at your beck and call :)

Start a Business

Just right for any budget.

Select the payment plan that's right for you.

Still not convinced?

Brenton Riling

Dear Noah, This is how much I have earned in validations making affordable and sexy websites for entrepreneurs. We even manage their analytics and web growth so they can focus on their business! It's all about serving them. I have had to stop taking new customers due to demand and my available time right now! It's kinda neat to see dreams become reality, and to help others do the same. Stay awesome my friend. I'll have to buy you a Taco next time I'm in Texas.

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