[1/7] - Idea Krusher: "Can I sell jade pendants online?"

*Print this email out and read it....it'll be more valuable than reading it from a screen:


This guy asked a question if he can start a jade pendants ecommerce store as a side-business.  Let's validate this idea together:


My girlfriend is from Hong Kong and in our car we have a little jade pendant that corresponds with the Chinese year in which she was born. It hangs from the rear view mirror.

Since there is a huge Cantonese population here they have these through out China town but never thought if they would sell online. Since they are so small you could send them via flat rate USPS or even first class mail.


FIRST, watch this video on the topic.....then come back and read the rest of this email.  

Click the video below to watch (it's less than 3 1/2 minutes):


Now one of the biggest problems I see here is NOT his business idea of selling jade pendants.  


The main problem is:


He's gonna act like a wantrepreneur and

NOT DO A DAMN THING about this business idea!


He's gonna get excited for a few hours.....maybe research domain names to buy (spending money), maybe look for jade pendant manufacturers (wasting time), but it's almost 100% guaranteed he won't do anything after that.  


SO.....as an exercise in "just throwing validations out there", let's see how we could validate this business idea.  


Essentially we wanna make our first few bucks from selling these jade pendants so we can gauge the demand.  


IF people buy easily = Good sign.  Make a biz out of it.

IF not one cares or buys = Bad sign.  Abandon the idea and save your time & money.



Normally I'd suggest you first try to physically sell some of these jade pendants to real people....so you can figure out the "selling points" people buy on.....but for now I just wanna encourage "putting something out there really fast."

Even if you fail at your first attempt at a business, you will learn a hulluva-a-lot more by TRYING something than just reading about it.  


So what I'd want this guy to do first is take a picture of a jade pendant (or just jack one from the internet).....see, I already jacked one for him:


.....and then try selling that pendant in one of these three places:

  • Ebay.com

  • Etsy.com

  • Your own little website (either a ghetto simple page with a PayPal button, or a trial ecommerce store from Shopify.com or BigCommerce.com).

  • .....maybe even all of the above (this should take you a max of two hours).  

This guy mentioned he had one of these jade pendants hanging in his car.....so he just needs to snap a few pictures with his iPhone and post those.  He ALREADY HAS THE INVENTORY (one jade pendant), he should just try to sell it and see what happens!  


I'm not gonna waste your time with "How to post on Ebay and Etsy" ....you're smart enough to figure that out yourself (if not, just quit now).


However I WILL show you (two) simple ways to sell on your own: 


Make a simple ecommerce store on BigCommerce.com or Shopify.com.   Both have free trials and let you try them out.  Get some experience posting stuff up for sale online.


When I started my 1st online business (HouseOfRave.com), the reason I could act so fast was because I already had experience making sample stores.  So when I actually wanted to sell something, it was a cinch to throw up a store.  


Build a simple-ass webpage with 1 or 2 jade pendants for sale.  Here's a rough outline of what I imagine it'd look like:


Those "Buy Now" buttons are just regular PayPal buttons for $12 payments.  Super easy to make inside PayPal.


If someone actually buys one, just send it out.  Don't overcomplicate things yet my friend. 


OK OK....
Now we need to send people to our listings!   


This is what people refer to as "Driving Traffic" .....but they always over-complicate the HELL out of this part.  


Don't spend money on ads.  
Don't start researching Facebook ad campaigns.
Let's keep this stupidly-simple....


For Ebay and Etsy.) Most of the work is done for you already.  If people search "jade pendants" and find you, and buy from you....it's working.  


For selling on your own.) You'll need to find people who'd wanna buy jade pendants that correspond with their birth year.  


Astrology forums, jewelry collectors forums......you can find all these things online and post about your specialty pendants.  


OR with the advent of YouTube, you can make a video showing the significance of each birth year, and which jade pendant goes with it.....and since you've already got them for sale, put that link in there for people to buy.  


Basically go out and GET these people where they hang out online.  


*NOTE* I think the "driving traffic" part of this particular email is kinda weak because I'm not fully confident this business would work, and I don't know where ravenous jade pendant customers hang out (or if they exist).  




IF PEOPLE BUY YOUR PENDANTS in droves.....you have a shot at this becoming a real money-making business.


IF PEOPLE DO NOT BUY YOUR PENDANTS......you might be trying a business that has a low chance of success.  


The point is to get a validation OUT THERE.  


I've done businesses (like my rave company) which I never dreamed would get an order EVER.....that ended up sticking around for 10+ years with stable income.  


I've also done businesses that I thought would rake in cash, that ended up being boring and un-profitable.  




You'll learn a ton this way.  



Neville - A Fatass Sumo.  


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