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24 hours left to become an Instagram mogul

Olman J
Olman J

November 29, 2016

The best way to crush Instagram ads for fun and profit

Instagram ads are one of the most popular ways to reach your audience.

But learning a new ad platform seems overwhelming and time-consuming.

Luckily, our good friend, Ethan, designed a course that’ll turn you to an IG-AD-MFR (Instagram Ad Master, For Realz).

Meet Instagram Ads Intensive.

Instagram Ads Intensive is a full-on masterclass with over 30 videos to teach you the in’s, out’s, and sidewayz of running highly profitable Instagram ad campaigns.

Ethan will hold your tender little paws all the way through the course, so you’ll never feel stuck or confused. (You’ll even get access to a private Facebook group to ask all of your questions!)

When we first launched Instagram Ads Intensive on AppSumo, you Sumo-lings went H.A.M. for it:

Lifetime Access to Instagram Ad Intensive

Lifetime Access to Instagram Ad Intensive

Here are just some of the areas that Instagram Ads Intensive tackles:

  • Instagram Ads & Targeting Fundamentals
  • Pixel and Conversion setup
  • Budgets & Schedule
  • Bidding, Pricing & Campaign Optimization
  • Ad Creative & Copy
  • How to Scale & much more!

Normally, this course sells for $989. (Less than a grand to become an Instagram ad expert? I’ll take that.)

But since Ethan is a Sumo-lover, he’s giving y’all a tasty treat:

Lifetime access to Instagram Ads Intensive for just one low payment of $39!

That’s 96% off the regular price!

Get IG Ads Intensive course for just $39!

If you’re in the business of finding and growing your customer-base (which just about all of us are) then you know how effective a great ad campaign can be.

Instagram Ads Intensive is your golden ticket to customer acquisition through Instagram.

P.S. This deal expires in 24 hours.

$39  $989

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Instagram Ads Intensive

  • Lifetime Access to Instagram Ads Intensive course
  • Courses on Instagram Ads Fundamentals, Pixel and Conversion setup, Bidding and Pricing Optimization, and How to Scale
  • Access to private Facebook community to get access to even more tips and tricks
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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