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Last chance to grab this lifetime freebie

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

June 30, 2014

You have until midnight CST to grab a free lifetime of Inspectlet to track your website visitors

You have less than 24 hours to grab our exclusive lifetime freebie of Inspectlet.

Get it here now.

With it, you can see EXACTLY what people do when they visit your website (where they click, scroll, move their mouse, etc.)

Over 15,000 sumo-lings have downloaded this freebie and are loving it:

I'd never heard of Inspectlet and so glad for the introduction via AppSumo. Seeing how users actually *use* my site is crazy. It's helping me see where I can make improvements.

- Sumo-ling

My business is very young, a one man band, so to speak. I had not though much about analytics and tracking yet, but with this offer I am able to start working in that direction. Even after a couple of days, there is invaluable insight into the traffic that my site is getting.

- Sumo-ling

You can't get this freebie anywhere else. This AppSumo-exclusive plan retails at $108/year ... but we're giving it to you for life, without paying a dime.

The clock is ticking ... grab this freebie before it's gone.


Starts In

Lifetime of Inspectlet for 500 recorded sessions per month

  • 500 recorded sessions per month.
  • For one website (you can switch the site anytime - even to another domain).
  • Play back visitor screen captures.
  • Eye-tracking Heatmaps.
  • Scroll Heatmaps.
  • Mouse Click Heatmaps.

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