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Olman J
Olman J

February 1, 2017

Haters gonna hate, influencers gonna influence. Let them do that

Last week we brought you Sumo-lings an Intellifluence deal.

And it wasn’t long before you were all over it like teenagers on bad decisions.

Lifetime Access To Intellifluence Intro Plan

Lifetime Access To Intellifluence Intro Plan

Check out how much these Sumo-lings are LOVING this Intellifluence deal


Because this LIFETIME Intellifluence deal allows you to directly communicate & negotiate with influencers to review and promote your products.

Influencers are sorted by GEO, category, and audience size (size is displayed so you’ll always know what you’re working with), which is great when trying to get your product in front of a specific kind of audience.

The biggest benefits noted so far:

  • Time saved - Influencers have opted in, so forget having to track them down. If it saves just 1 hr of your time, this deal pays for itself day one.

  • 10x marketing efforts by having influencers review & promote your product

Yep, over 15,000 influencers eagerly awaiting your pitch. (Goodbye, awkward cold outreach emails.)

Lifetime Access To Intellifluence Intro Plan

Meet influencers faster than Tinder

You also have two options. (Here we go spoiling you with choices again.)

  1. Pay $39 ONCE and get LIFETIME access to the Intellifluence Intro Plan (usually $228/yr)

  2. Pay $79 ONCE and get LIFETIME access to the Intellifluence Standard Plan (usually $468/yr)

What do you get with the Intro plan?

  • Unlimited usage & access to constantly growing influencer base of 15,000 (goal is 100,000 by EOY).

  • Custom dashboard and message templates - Don’t know what to say in your pitch? Intellifluence saves the day with its message templates.

  • Zero commissions - The negotiation is directly between you and the influencer.

The Standard plan in addition offers:

  • Multi-campaign management - You can add influencers to created lists and track as opposed to tracking on an individual basis.

  • Reporting - See how much outreach you've performed over a period of time, the initial response rates, and transaction close ratios.

  • Enhanced messaging - Save outreach templates for future use. Additionally, instead of having a simple message box, push messages through a flow (outreach -> agree to terms -> track product -> accept reviews -> transaction completed).

But neither plan will be an option if you let the timer strike zero!

Quit wasting time and get your product promoted by influencers now!

Click here to get the Intellifluence Intro plan for $39!

Click here to get the Intellifluence Standard plan for $79!

P.S. This deal expires in less than 24 hours, no exceptions. You may never see this offer again.

$39  $1,400

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Intellifluence Intro Plan

  • Lifetime access to Intro plan
  • Unlimited access to constantly growing influencer base
  • Custom dashboard and message templating
  • Unlimited usage
  • Zero commissions
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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