iOS Development Foundations Bundle

If you're looking to create iOS apps, you'll probably want to learn C Programming first. Code master Mark Lassoff teaches both C and Objective-C in this iOS development course bundle.





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Wait wait wait... you STILL don’t know how to code?

Well, that's all right. I mean, you’re only missing out on an extra stream of income.

“But Sumooooo... all I know is how to make coffee and bring burritos for the office!”

Then listen up, Young Sumo-Ling!

Want to start working on creative and useful iOS apps and start making more money?

You should probably take Mark Lassoff’s C Programming courses.

“Hold on there Sumo: I thought iOS apps were created with Objective-C. Why do I have to learn ANOTHER C language?”

They are, but if you want learn Objective-C you definitely want to learn C first.

It’ll open up a LOT more paths for you in the coding world and make your life easier when you get around to learning iOS development.

C is the basis of many major contemporary programming languages-- like Java, PHP and, of course... Objective-C.

What's that? Learning C just not enough for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because today, we’re ALSO offering up Mark’s Objective-C class.

That’s right: You're getting TWO courses in ONE deal! With these classes, you will...

1) Learn the basics to make learning iOS development easier and quicker (by basics I mean fundamentals; by no means is this a fluffy course)

2) Dive deep in Objective-C to get you started making iPhone and iPad apps (this makes you MORE VALUABLE = MORE MONEY)

You’ll learn the basics of Objective-C variables and move through more complex concepts like the Objective C foundation classes, data structures and creating your own classes and objects.

Got questions while you’re taking this course?

Mark will personally answer 'em for you in the forums to keep you on track.

He’s been programming for a while... and I mean a while. Like "writing games for the Commodore 64" a while. (So he’s got some experience under his belt.)

Now, this bundle usually goes for $198 but we’re SQUASHING the price and giving it to you for only $79.

Get started on your programming career and get this course TODAY!

The “My Stomach Looks Like A C From The Left Side” Chief Sumo

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