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The king of redemption

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

July 24, 2016

James went from millionaire to broke to millionaire again. Might be wise to learn from him:

When you first hear James' story, it sounds like fiction.

James went from having $15 million in the bank to living on his parent's couch and begging them for money (and then made his millions back again).

Until you read his writing:

Get the James Altucher Bundle for only $20

James Altucher is hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster. He has founded over 20 different companies (17 of which failed), written 11 different books, and is now running an 8 figure media company.

Not bad for someone that used to live on his parent's couch.

James Altucher Bundle

(And with hair like that, you know he is onto something.)

Today we're bringing you his best work.

We start with his two best books: Choose Yourself! and The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth. (collectively 1,800+ reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon).

The premise is that nobody is coming to hire you, invest in your company, or buy your idea. In today's economy, you have to manufacture your own success, and the only way to do that is to "Choose Yourself."

In these books, James teaches you:

  • How he would personally start his business today
  • Why To-Do lists don't work
  • How to avoid the same financial mistakes he made
  • James' personal money strategy and roadmap

and a ton of more actionable insights including real case studies.

James Altucher Bundle

And because James loves you Sumo-lings, he agreed to give us:

  • Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth Hardcover (First 1,000 customers only)
  • Ebook of Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth
  • Ebook of Choose Yourself

If you were to purchase the Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth hardcover, and the Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth and Choose Yourself Ebooks, you'd be paying well over $30. (In fact, that's exactly how much I paid for my copy).

But today we're also throwing in 1 Year access To The Altucher Report (reg $79/year).

Get the James Altucher Bundle for only $20

This is a monthly newsletter where James saves his best writing.

And, because we have convinced him Sumo-lings are the best customers on the planet, he has agreed to give you everything above for only $20! (With free domestic shipping and only $15 extra for international orders!)

In addition to the bundle, he has also agreed to throw in one month of the James Altucher Premium membership for free! This includes A key to his "virtual mentors"- He will highlight successful mentors that you can learn from by recommending books and other materials.

This premium membership also includes The "Altucher Uncensored"- Each month, James posts series of videos (about 20 minutes in length) where he answers questions about money, money ideas, money opportunities, money strategies and more.

(Most people pay $20/month alone just for that!)

So for only $20 dollars, you are getting two books, a one year subscription of the Altucher Report, AND one month of the James Altucher Premium membership!

Click here to get the James Altucher bundle now!

And if that wasn't enough, there are more bonuses!

Extra bonuses:

Earn $2k In A Weekend- This is great for the Sumo-ling hustler that has side-gigs.

Ultimate Guide To Self Publishing A Bestseller- Writer or not, this will teach you how to write successfully and make money.

The Uber Equation- Learn how to catch the next big trend like virtual reality, artificial Intelligence, 3-D printing etc..

All for only 20 bucks!

Get this deal here!

P.S. You can't get this offer ANYWHERE else. Seriously, this is the best deal James has put out yet, and he saved it for you, our beloved Sumo-lings. Hope you enjoy :-)

Starts In

James Altucher Bundle

  • "Choose Yourself" eBook and "Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth" Hardcover (first 1,000 customers only) and eBook!
  • 1 Year Subscription To The Altucher Report (reg $79/year) and one free month of Altucher Premium!
  • Special Report: Ultimate Guide To Self Publishing A Bestseller
  • Special Report: The Uber Equation
  • Special Report: How to Make $2,000 In a Weekend
  • Free domestic shipping. International shipping $15 extra
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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