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24 hours left to get featured on TechCrunch and Fast Company

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

October 17, 2016

JustReachOut connects you with a taco-load of influential journalists who actually WANT to write about you

The right feature article can bring you thousands of new customers virtually overnight.

So when we opened up this deal with JustReachOut, y'all JustWentNuts:

One Year Access to JustReachOut

Susan knows what's good :)

One Year Access to JustReachOut

Yes, Doug!

JustReachOut helps get your startup in front of millions of eyeballs with just a few minutes of work!

One Year Access to JustReachOut

What you get:

  • Mad Libs Style pitch templates...just fill in a few blanks and you're good to reach out directly from the app! (No copy/pasting here.)
  • Dead-simple keyword search to find exactly the right journalist who will love your product!
  • Instant access to the "How To Get Free Press for Your Startup" course (Normally $499)

Stop wasting $ on PR agencies who want a pat on the back when they get you a mention in mylocalpaper.com. JustReachOut gives you the keys to the PR kingdom.

Who this is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs ready to rapidly scale their user base
  • Marketers sick of running FB ads that drain your bank accounts with no results
  • Coaches, speakers, and experts who want a butt-load of credibility so you can sign those tasty five-figure speaking gigs

Warning: Side-effects include massive spikes in traffic, inbox filled with Stripe transactions, and confused accountants wondering what the hell you're doing (and how they can get in on it).

For the next 24 hours only, you can get instant access to JustReachOut for an entire year... for only $49!

If you miss this deal, you'll have to pay $65 per month.

Don't let that happen.

Click here now!

P.S. Not ready yet? Remember, this deal expires in less than 24 hours, but you'll have up to 2 years to actually redeem it!

$49  $1,279

Starts In

One Year Access to JustReachOut

  • 1-year subscription to JustReachOut's PR platform.
  • Unlimited search results on PR Platform.
  • Contact info for 50 journalists a month.
  • Proven email templates to get results.
  • Credit card entry required (Sorry for the inconvenience. Checkout system requires a credit card for account creation).
  • Lifetime access to "How to get free press for your startup" course ($499 value).
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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