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Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

March 24, 2016

This is your last chance to get the JustReachOut Press Package (reg $1,079) for only $49

Do you want this "As Seen On" banner on your website?:

Click here to get one year of JustReachOut

Since last week over 1,000 Sumo-lings have scooped up this deal to help them get featured in press.

What's included?

How about:

One year of access to JustReachOut (reg $780), a machine learning app which:

  • Searches and finds you the most relevant journalists and influencers by category
  • Gives you their email address
  • Creates pre-written proven email templates for you to pitch them


Lifetime access to Dmitry's PR for Startup Course (reg $299)

Click here to get them both for only $49! (reg $1,079). Deal ends today.

Click here to get one year of JustReachOut

Normally, access to JustReachOut would cost you $65/month with unlimited searches and 50 journalist emails per month.

(Or you could hire a PR Firm which charges thousands with zero guarantees.)

Instead, you can get one year of JustReachOut app access and Lifetime access to Dmitry's PR course for only $49, and send your first press pitch in minutes.

Click here to get it now! (start your year access whenever you're ready)

P.S. Remember, this deal ends TONIGHT at midnight CST. Get it now and drive thousands of new users to your business next week!

P.P.S. JustReachOut is also about to push out a feature that informs you about Quora and Reddit posts which you can comment on for even more exposure. All Sumo-lings who get this deal, get access to this feature at no extra cost. Enjoy :-)

$49  $1,079

Starts In

1-Year of JustReachOut's Publicity Platform + Dmitry Dragilev's PR Course

  • 1-year subscription to JustReachOut's PR platform and Dmitry Dragilev's PR course ($1079 value).
  • Unlimited search results on PR Platform.
  • Contact info for 50 journalists a month.
  • Proven email templates to get results.
  • Credit card entry required (Sorry for the inconvenience. Checkout system requires a credit card for account creation).
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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