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Here’s how to get people to respond to your emails

Neville Medhora
Neville Medhora

October 12, 2012

SMALL changes in the words you write....equal BIG changes in results. Read this, and you should be able to modify the next email you send out to get better results.

Hey. Neville here. The KopywritingKourse guy.

I'm not here to talk, I'm here to TEACH.
So let's begin...

If you suck at writing (and I'll presume you’re average), this is probably your problem. Follow along:

LET'S PRETEND YOU'RE A SALESPERSON...and you're trying to get a new client by emailing them.

You sit down to write a "nice introductory" email like this:

Good afternoon Mr. Moneybags,

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jason McSuckywritington, and I work for Ajax Steel Tubing Company located in the heart of Wisconsin.

We are a premier supplier of steel tubing that focuses on quality steel products and accessories. We have a full line of steel tubing that is very comprehensive and customizable to fit your individual needs.

Our company has been around since 1958 and was founded by Stan Steel and is now run by his son. We are a family company and place high priority on our valued customers.

We hope to be a good fit for your company. Please call me at your earliest convenience. I would love to talk to you about Ajax Steel Tubing Company.

Jason McSuckywritington

Email: jason@ajaxsteeltubingcompany.com
Phone number: 123-456-7890
Fax number: 123-456-7891


By now, Mr. Moneybags has already deleted this email.

Why on earth would Mr. Moneybags read that email?
Does HE get anything out of it?
Does HE benefit from the information inside?
Does HE know what to do next?

He DOES have to sit there and read your boorring schpiel that every other steel company sends him 20 times a day.

He probably feels like contacting you back would result in more bore-fest conversation.

Delete button. Poor you :-(

All that time spent trying to gain a new client just went down in flames.
But you deserved it.

How dare you send Mr. Moneybags such a boring email all about YOU.

Mr. Moneybags doesn't care about YOU. He cares about HIMSELF!
He cares about his kids. He cares about his wife (possibly). He cares about making his boss happy. He cares about doing business with people who won't screw him over. He cares about making lots of dollar$$$.

Did your email help him with ANY of that?

See where I'm going with this...?

Remember this:
People will buy from you if they trust you.
People will buy from you if you've helped them a lot.
People will buy from you if they enjoy being associated with you.
People will buy from you if you provide an all-around better service or product.

In one email it's difficult to make someone trust you, like you, AND show your product is better...

...so let's focus on HELPING SOMEONE.

What can we do to help Mr. Moneybags?

Well, since we're in a similar industry as he is, we should know a few ways to help him. We can send him an email with something like:

I know you buy from Federated Steel. Their tubing lasts only 5 years and costs nearly 1.5x the standard market price.

I can save you 30% on your production costs before the quarterly numbers come out.

Let me know if interested.

Even this poorly-thought-out email offers Mr. Moneybags a benefit of cheaper prices...AND the benefit of making him look good on his quarterly numbers.

Already this email will have a better chance of getting him to call you (or at least respond to your email).

But what if we DON'T actually have cheaper prices?
What if our steel tubing DOESN'T last significantly longer?
Then maybe we could help him out with some helpful information like this:

Hey Mr. Moneybags...

I have 4 ways to make your job overseeing the dredging process easier and save a ton of money for your company before the quarterly earnings:

Let me show you right now:

1.) There's a new process of connecting steel tubing called the Bergernon Method of Welding. Implement this with your production team. Immediate savings of 20%. Here is a PDF how to do it (attached).

2.) The biggest waste of man-hours for tubing installations is the dredging process. You can save 30% a day on labor by using Geiger trucks instead of the industry-standard Minkker trucks. I'll even hook you up with the guy that does our dredging (he's saves us about $75,000/day when we use him). Email me if you want his contact info.

3.) There's a piece of software to manage the whole tubing process called "Steel Weld World" that speeds the whole process up and lets you keep closer track of your workers...you should really check it out, our company saved $50,000/day during weld times.

I've got a fourth way...but it's too damn good to give away in an email (which I don't even know got to you). If you're actually reading this, ring me up and I'll tell it to you. HINT: It's a trick that allows our company to undercut our top competitor and STILL make profit.

Call me this week:
Jason - 123-456-2910

See what we did? We sent information that will help him (notice the emphasis is on HIM...not just "the company").

Once we get Mr. Moneybags on the phone...we can have a nice little chat and become friends and then do business. Hooray!

OK OK OK this is all cool, but here’s how YOU can change an email today, and have a higher chance of getting a response:

Just use my W.I.F.E. Technique.

It means What’s In it For Em?

The WIFE Technique is just a mind-shift you do BEFORE writing an email. So instead of thinking like this before writing an email:
“What can I get outta this guy...”

Think more along these lines:
“How can I help this guy succeed more?”

What you must understand is that:
ONE.) People don't care about YOU right away...they care about what you can DO for them.

TWO.) Whenever you contact someone...make sure you give them something they can USE (even if it's one tiny thing to help them improve).

THREE.) Just slightly shift your mentality to W.I.F.E. and you’ll have a much better chance at getting a response.

FOUR.) If you wanna learn more about copywriting techniques that’ll make your writing better in a lot of areas...checkout one of our best-selling courses on AppSumo, the KopywritingKourse. This single course has helped soo many people make more money in their lives by simply showing them how to re-arrange their words.

The KopywritingKourse is an unbelievable investment if you regularly write emails, write for your website, or even send sales emails (we were surprised by the huge results sales people started getting).

And here’s the thing...it’s not some B.S. “20 hours of killer content” kind of course.
That’s too long.
That’s too boring.

...it’s two hours of fun video tutorials split up into videos about 3 to 8 minutes long.

There’s three sections to the KopywritingKourse:

  • Learning the mentality of a good Kopywriter.
  • Learning the technical stuff (you get to watch real kopy being written and formatted).
  • How to tie what you learned and modify your own kopy.

We’ve since learned that lots of companies even require their employees to watch this course because it’s quick, simple to implement, and can help raise the conversions of almost everything you write.

If you wanna learn more, checkout the KopywritingKourse.

-Neville Medhora - Kopywriter extraordinaire.

APPSUMO ACTION TIP FOR TODAY: You're probably gonna email someone today. Instead of emailing them the typical "all-about-me" email...
Use the W.I.F.E. Technique you learned above.

Try making it all about THEM.
How you can help THEM.
How you can improve THEIR life.

See what the results are :-)

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