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Less than 500 codes left for Kyvio

Olman J
Olman J

January 17, 2018

This is the last time you will ever see this deal!

Have you taken a look at your sales funnel stack lately?

Seems like every month, the software is getting slower, clunkier, outdated, and let's not even talk about the "redesigns."

Which is why I'm excited to introduce the newest kid on the block, Kyvio.

Kyvio is a simple, all-in-one marketing platform that helps you build an online business without any additional costs.

What would typically take four different platforms to do, Kyvio does with one. (It's like having the Swiss army knife of marketing, except your mom won't yell at you for playing with it.)

Here’s what Kyvio will help you build:

  1. Funnels. Get your customers to exactly where they need to be—making a purchasing decision. Configure full sales funnels without forking over tons of cash.

  2. Membership sites. Quickly build fully integrated membership sites to sell your products, set up multiple pricing levels, register customers to your autoresponder list, and more.

  3. Lifetime Access to Kyvio

  4. Blogs. Give your audience the content they want by creating a blog. Then, drive traffic to your sales pages through Kyvio's built-in features.

  5. Lists. Upload or collect leads, send broadcasts and autoresponder series, personalize emails with tags, and stay creepily close to your email list.

  6. Lifetime Access to Kyvio

With everything you need just a click away, Kyvio helps businesses run like a well-oiled machine.

Usually, businesses that want to be more efficient pay $348 a year for Kyvio's Basic Plan.

But we got you an even better deal with more features unlocked:

Lifetime Access to Kyvio

Using a 3rd party autoresponder? With this deal, you'll get access to unlimited leads

For all these features, it's easy to see why people are happy to pay $348 per year.

But, as great as Kyvio's pricing is, we wanted more for our Sumo-lings.

So, we got Kyvio to include higher limits & features for just $49 for lifetime access!

You thought we were done? Not even close.

This Kyvio deal is stackable!

So go ahead and treat yo'self with up to 5 codes per account. Stackable codes affect numerical deal features. (For example, if you buy 2 codes, you'll get access to 2 sites, 60k monthly visitors, 20 funnels, 40 templates, etc.)

It's time to get your business going on one platform.

Click here for the Kyvio AppSumo Plan!

Lifetime Access to Kyvio

Even though there’s a lot to be done with Kyvio, it’s still incredibly easy to use.

What makes Kyvio so painless is their intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which is ideal for anyone who doesn't want to have to constantly Slack their developer to make simple changes. (Sorry, Chandler.)

Because Kyvio is a web-based service, you can log in from anywhere without having to download anything.

On top of working from anywhere, you can also see accurate mobile previews for everything you create with Kyvio's mobile-optimized visualizer.

Kyvio also comes with a ton of other tricks up its sleeve like A/B testing for landing pages, FB pixel tracking, and conversion boosters.

Lifetime Access to Kyvio

Kyvio was designed by online marketers who understand the struggle of juggling multiple platforms.

Paying a ton of money to flip back and forth between platforms is eating up your time and killing your productivity.

Now you can manage your entire business from one platform by getting lifetime access to this supercharged Kyvio plan.

Click here to get lifetime access to Kyvio for just $49!

P.S. You have unlimited leads if you use a 3rd party autoresponder.

$49  $1,400

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Kyvio

  • Setup site with 1 domain (stackable)
  • Setup 10 Funnels (stackable)
  • 20 Landing Page Templates (stackable)
  • 10 Digital Products (stackable)
  • 1K active members (stackable)
  • 1K active leads for autoresponder (stackable)
  • Unlimited leads if using a 3rd party autoresponder
  • 1 additional team member
  • A/B testing for landing pages
  • 30,000 Unique Visitors per month (stackable)
  • Built-in Membership Builder & Blog included
  • Powered by Kyvio is optional
  • Built-in auto-responder included
  • Zapier beta (available upon request in Feb)
  • HTML Download included
  • All updates to Basic plan included
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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