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Are you losing customers because of your website?

Olman J
Olman J

November 16, 2016

Create beautiful landing pages to drive customers to your webinar, product or to capture their information

Not sure how to tell you this: but just because your site is ‘well-designed’ doesn’t mean that it’s ‘effective’.

And there’s one simple reason for this: there are too many damn options.

Instead of putting everything on your homepage and hoping people will buy, you need to use specific landing pages.

Landing pages help minimize customer A.D.D. and direct attention at the ONE THING you want them to buy.

Result: Better products for them, more money for you.

Introducing Lander.

Lander helps you create awesome landing pages in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

With over 100 landing page templates, you’ll be able to build landing pages for literally anything (webinars, lead generation, marketing campaigns, etc.).

If you're a starting entrepreneur looking to test landing page funnels - this deal is perfect for you. If you're a thriving business that can get more than 5,000 unique views on a landing page, then it probably won't be the best fit.

10 Year Access To Lander

You don’t need to use CSS or HTML to design or customize one of Lander’s templates.

All you need is Lander’s easy-to-use editor!

How easy-to-use is this editor?

Can you drag and drop elements?

Yeah? Congratulations, you can use the editor!

10 Year Access To Lander

(Editing made simple!)

Are you a conversion geek? Of course you are, you’re a Sumo-ling.

Lander lets you test up to three different versions of your landing page with its A/B testing tool!

Make real-time changes to colors, call-to-actions, images, etc. and get real-time results!

You can also create Facebook tabs in a few simple steps. (Integrate, publish, and collect opt-ins!)

They'll even host the pages for you! (WP integration coming soon!)

Lander’s normal price for their Basic plan is $192 a year.

But do you know what happens when you mix tacos and beer?

You make friends.

Friends that offer their services at a much lower price.

Sumo-lings, right now, Lander is allowing you to swipe your VIP card and get access to their Basic plan for 10 years for just $49!

$49? You could rip a 100 dollar bill in half and keep the bigger piece!

Get Lander now and start creating beautiful landing pages!

Sumo-lings are loving it and already creating landing pages:

10 Year Access To Lander

Let me save you the trouble of typing out that site address (you smart Sumo-ling) - here's what it looks like:

10 Year Access To Lander

(This landing page is in English when you're not looking.)

While there are other options, here's why you should choose Lander:

For starters, the free options of other applications don’t offer A/B testing and their Facebook Landing Page tabs are hard to integrate.

10 Year Access To Lander

10 Year Access To Lander

Choose from over 100 templates.

What else is included in this deal?

  • 3 Custom Domains - For all your side-hustle projects.

  • Unlimited landing pages - Create as many landing pages as your heart desires for any campaign, product, segment or anything you can think of.

  • 5,000 Visitors/month - It resets & you have a 10% cushion... you can lower your pitch forks.

  • AutoFill Forms - Which can help increase conversions up to 200%!

  • Custom Code Editing - For all you advanced Sumos.

  • Email Marketing Integrations - To keep everything synced.

Stop losing customers and start using high-converting landing pages.

Take out $49 once and take care of your business for the next 10 years.

Your business will thank you.

Click here to start creating beautiful landing pages for only $49!

PS - If you need more than 3 custom domains, you can always purchase an additional deal and sign-up to Lander with a different email address for the 2nd account!

$49  $1,920

Starts In

10 Year Access To Lander

  • 10 years of Basic Yearly Plan
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • 5,000 Visitors/mo
  • A/B Testing
  • Unlimited Landing Pages with Hosting
  • E-mail Marketing Integrations
  • Technical Support via E-mail
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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